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What would you do if you could control the size and muscles of your best friend?

What would you do if you could control the size and muscles of your best friend?

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A benevolent, alien spirit moves across the county, looking for instances where one person has a friend or a loved one, who is still alive, on his or her mind. The spirit causes the two people to fall into a deep sleep for fifteen minutes. When they have woken up, the person who always worries about the other, will find that he or she is suddenly in complete control of the other person's mind and body! What happens, when someone discovers that his mind and body is controlled by another person?

Drew and Jared are two teenage boys, going through the last year in high school. Both are 17 and they are in all the same classes together. They are best friends and they live right next door from each other.

Drew is average at about 5ft 9" tall and he's in pretty good shape. He has long black hair and he has an athletic build. He's pretty happy with himself.

Jared is only 5ft 6" tall and he's as skinny as a board. He has short, brown hair. He's not athletic at all. He's a bit of a geek, he's clumsy and slow. He has no physical strength at all. Jared hates his body, but he doesn't know what to do to make it better.

The benevolent spirit passes over these two boys while they're walking home from school on the last day of the school year, and at the start of the summer vacation. Suddenly, both boys collapse as they walk through the park. Nobody is around to see them. They are unconscious for twenty minutes, when they both wake up at the same time.

Suddenly, Drew can feel, hear, and see everything in and about Jared, including his thoughts, desires and emotions. Drew starts to realize that he can change any aspect of Jared, simply by imagining what he should say, do, or look like. Not only that, but Drew can make Jared do anything he wants, and he can teleport him through space, time, and distance, anywhere in the whole World or any time in history. He would always maintain permanent, telepathic contact with Jared, no matter where or when he teleports Jared to. When Drew teleports Jared, he can also teleport himself to travel to other places and times, so that the boys are always together.

Finally, Drew can make Jared invisible or even into a ghost. He can also suspend or freeze Jared, and he controls Jared's mind, thoughts, feelings and memories. As an added bonus, Drew can even make Jared's body float or levitate in mid air!

Whatever Drew does to Jared, it only works, as long as Drew is doing it so that Jared is helped in any way. Jared must always end up as the star, the best, the strongest, the fastest, and the champion at everything he does. Drew can also make Jared look like anybody else, but temporarily. All Drew's changes will have a maximum time limit of 24 hours, before Jared returns to normal automatically.

Drew has a muscle fetish and LOVES to make Jared's muscles inflate until he's a huge HULK of a boy. Drew also enjoys making Jared grow into a GIANT for a few moments, and shrinks him back to normal again.

Nobody else can control Jared, but Drew.

This is the story of Jared, under Drew's complete remote control.

Drew can make any or all of Jared's muscles grow as big as he wants.
Drew can increase Jared's height.
Drew can increase Jared's weight.
Drew can shrink Jared down to nothing.
Drew can make Jared weightless.
Drew can make Jared invisible.
Drew can resize any part of Jared's body.
Drew can remove any part of Jared's body.
Drew can create duplicates of any part of Jared's body.
Drew can teleport Jared to any place on earth.
Drew can change what clothing Jared is wearing.
Drew can make Jared say anything he wants.
Drew can make Jared do whatever he wants.
Drew can change any part of Jared's body into an inanimate object.
Drew can move, lift, or levitate Jared's body any time or place he wants.
Drew can send Jared to any other dimension he creates.
Drew can shrink or grow any part of Jared's body.
Drew can take complete control of any organ or muscle on Jared's body.
Drew can see, hear, feel, taste and smell anything that Jared senses in real time.
Drew can make Jared fall asleep and wake up whenever he wants to.
Drew can create new muscles on Jared's body.
Drew can add and create new limbs on to Jared's body.
Drew can shift, alter, or move any body part of Jared's body.
Drew can change any part of Jared's body into any other material such as rubber or iron.
Drew can inflate Jared's body with air or water.
Drew can alter Jared's gravity.
Drew can decide when and where Jared is at all times.
Drew can make Jared play any sport, hobby or activity he wants to.
Drew can transform Jared into any kind of object, vehicle, liquid, gas, vapor, air, and the like.
Drew has complete and absolute control over Jared's sexual organs at all times.
Drew can change Jared into any superhero he wants to.
Drew can put Jared into any TV screen, video game, computer, chat room, cell phone, radio, tablet, etc.
Drew can grow Jared as large as a planet and as small as an atom.

*****STORY UPDATE******

1. Drew can give somebody else total control over Jared temporarily just by saying it, but it would only last for 10 minutes before the power returns to Drew.

2. Anyone who is touching Drew or his clothes (while he's wearing them) also has complete control over Jared because the power flows from Drew to the other person, allowing the other person to command Jared to change or do things.

3. Anyone standing within 6 feet of Drew can make Jared's muscles grow as long as Drew approves. There is NO LIMIT to the maximum size of Jared's muscles.
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