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Choose the fate of 4 young women as they are stranded on an island filled with dragons!
Chapter 1

Dragons Galor

    by: dragonx   More by this author
On a privet jet soaring in the sky, four women were bickering. Little did they know that soon, they would have to fight for thier lives.

Kyrstal the athletic girl huffed, "Look. Once we get there, can we PLEASE stop fighting? It is getting very old." June the bookworm adjusted her narrow rectangular glasses, "I agree. It's mainly 'cause Amelia won't shut up about finding rare treasures. You know that nowadays, all the rare gems and stones have been found. So just drop it, you won't find anything where we're going."

Amelia the treasure hunter spat, "I don't care what you say, bookworm, i'm going to find a rare gem and sell it for a handsome ammout of cash. And no one is going to stop me!"

Suddenly, a meteor shower flooded the sky, and Keira the rocket mechanic said nervously, "Guys... I think one of those meteors is heading this WAY!!!" Seconds later, a meteor slammed into the jet, causing it to explode!

Days later, the four girls wake up on a tropical island, their clothes ripped to ribbons from the explosion, but none were hurt too badly.

Amelia stated, "Well, what do we have here? A tropical island? Sweet! I bet there is a ton of rare gems and stones here! Hahaha!" Krystal removed her shreaded shirt, revealing an ice blue bra, "I dunno, I get a sense of fear from this island, like something here that can turn us into meat."

Suddenly, a scarlet dragon flew above them, but didn't attack. June's jaw dropped, "This island is inhabited by... DRAGONS!!!" Keira moaned, holding her wrench, "But that's impossible... isn't it? I mean... Dragons don't exist... right?"

Suddenly, a spiritual dragon appeared before them, "So, you are the new ones on the island. If you wish to survive on this island, you must befriend a dragon and fight to live. If you become the Queen of Dragons, you will be rewarded for your efforts, and you will become the ruler of this land. But beware, many dragons, monsters, and other creatures would be willing to turn you into a healthy snack, so you must be alert. You will need weapons to survive, I wish you the best of luck." and it vanished.

Amelia laughed, "Hah! This will be a piece of cake! I will find the strongest dragon here, and soon, very soon, I will be a queen! Oh can life get any better?" June spoke up, tossing away her melted sneakers and socks, "Didn't you hear him? If we're not careful, we're dragon meat. We can't run headlong into this, we have to plan it out carefully." "Hah! Sounds like words from a coward. I'm going into the island and finding me a dragon, so I can be rid of you three. Ta-ta." She gave them a mock kiss and walked into the jungle. "She's dead." Krystal said simply.

Keira spoke up, "Well, she does have a point. Unless we get a dragon or two, we're sunk. Let's split up and see what we can find." The other girls nodded, and went their seperate ways.

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