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Choose the fate of 4 young women as they are stranded on an island filled with dragons!
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Chapter 2

New friends

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June walked around nervously, acting very skiddish. She hoped that she could find a dragon that would like her, but not like her as a snack. She came to a valley where there were a ton of swirled red and white dragons with milky eyes and hamerhead shark-like heads. "Well, they seem friendly. Let's just hope they're not hungry." She walked down into the valley.

The dragons looked up from thier naps, but none seemed to care about her presence. June looked around nervously, "Okay, they don't seem to mind me. Maybe I can just ask one to be my partner. I hope they don't kill me." She then saw a young looking dragon near her, it seemed to be a female. "Maybe that one will do." As she approached, the dragon eyed her with suspicion, June noticed this, "Don't worry, I won't harm you. You can trust me." The dragon seemed to understand, and just placed her head back on her claws. June gently touched the dragon's neck, expecting it to snap at her, but the dragon remained motionless.

"Good, at least you like me. Do you want to help me survive on this island? Without you, I might die, so please?" The dragon yawned, turned her head towards her, and gave a small nod. June was overjoyed, "Yes! Thank you! Now for a name. Since you're red and are a female, how about Floral-Foehn?" The dragon nodded, but then used her tail to rip off June's shirt and bra, leaving her perky breast exposed to the air. "Hey! What'd you do that for? I liked that shirt." The dragon made a low growl, almost saying "I like you better this way." June seemed to understand, "I get it. You want to make sure that I won't harm you. I guess so, just give me a warning next time, Floral-Foehn."

Suddenly, they heard a buzzing, and all the dragons perked up. "What? What's wrong Floral-Foehn?" Then, out of the bushes came a swarm of...
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