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Choose the fate of 4 young women as they are stranded on an island filled with dragons!
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Chapter 2

Keira's incounter

    by: dragonx   More by this author
Keira walked around nervously, her bare feet leaving indents in the sand (after ditching her sandles). She said to herself, "Okay, you can do this. It's just a matter of finding a dragon that likes you so you can make it out of here alive. I just hope I don't become dragon chow."

Suddenly, she heard a noise from behind a large boulder, and froze. "Take it easy. It's probably nothing to worry about... I hope."

She heard the sound of soft feet walking on the sand, and a long, emerald green and white serpentine dragon emerged. Keira froze again, the dragon just looked at her, it almost resemebled a Chinese/Japanese type dragon. It made a light roar, almost like a faint screech, and approached her. It lashed out its tongue and licked her, until it accidently tore off her tank top and bra. It continued to lick her, and Keira wasn't sure if it liked her or was checking her out to be it's next meal. "Oh lord, please, don't eat me." she mumbled.

The dragon...
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1.   Likes her and wants to be her friend

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