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Mainly M/f vore, with some F/f. You need a job, and it looks like you're on the menu.
Chapter 1

Possible Dream Job

    by: dragonx   More by this author
You're name is Gina. You just got out of high school and you plan to move to Hawaii. Problem is... you don't have a penny under your name. You live in a world where some men and women can swallow others whole and alive. Unsurprisingly, you lack this ability, thus making you a very vunerable target.

Who wouldn't want to eat you? You're 5'6", thin, D cup breasts, lean, long legs, baby blue eyes, pale soft skin, and long blonde hair. You'd make a great meal.

You're trying to think up of a way to earn some quick cash, but you have no idea. But then you're mind sets on a strange fact about you. One day, while reading your favorite book, your older brother grabbed you, stripped you down, and gulped you down. You thought it was the end for you. But for some reason, his acids didn't harm you at all, it actually felt kind arousing. Of course, coming out the back door wasn't at all fun.

You think for a moment, this unusual talent of yours could be the exact thing you're looking for to get you to Hawaii! You could serve yourself up at parties, weddings, heck, anywhere, and that would get big bucks! You just have one concern... what if the incident with your bro was just a wierd act of God? Who knows, you might be gifted, or just damn lucky.

The next day, you hand out flyers with your name, phone number, address, and everything else. You know that many aren't going to buy the fact that you're stomach proof, but at the bottom of the flyer, you put, "No charge if I digest." You know that will get you somewhere. Now all you have to do is wait. You just hope that you are gifted, 'cause you don't want to stew in some guy's or gal's gut, no matter how hot they be. The next day, the phone rings...
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