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When a country must be won and lost by the song and gleam of the sword...

When a country must be won and lost by the song and gleam of the sword...

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In the kingdom of Gwynvyr, the throne sits precariously on the edge of fate as two armies struggle to gain control over the magickally proliferant and strategically situated land of the Gods. Any who sits on the throne controls the most powerful nation ever to exist, and will control the manna of the world, as well as have dominion over all trade routes for the entire continent.

But who will end up controlling it, and will the winner be right for the throne?

The characters:

Kian D'ahra- Prince of Gwynvyr, and rightful ruler of the nation now that his father has passed into the Summerlands. He is the Choice of the Manna (as interpreted by the Druids), and the best choice for the Land. Since his family came to rule the nation, it has experienced nearly a millenium of prosperity. However, Kian is only a bastard son of the King and, thus, the problem.

Maegyn no Cistain- Queen of Dunnagal, and wife of Alcuin, distant Cousin to the former King of Gwynvyr. It is Alcuin that has declared war on Kian, stating that his claim to the throne is stronger. Maegyn disagrees and wishes that her husband would be content with Dunnagal, and plans to help Kian end this war.

Aeric Glaswyd- First Knight of Gwynvyr, whose loyalty to Kian is unquestioned. Kian is not the best fighter, being trained more to the manna and diplomacy, and it is thus Aeric and his warrior skills that will win or lose the war for Gwynvyr.

Gryffin Moorwood- Son of a blacksmith who is conscripted into making weapons for Aeric and his personal guard. He is simple, barely educated, but good-hearted. Could his actions help the usurper off the throne of his beloved country? Maybe...

Manna = magick, for those who aren't clear.

Make this as dark, sexual, perverse, and gory as you please. It is GC for that reason! Just please...write in depth additions that really contribute to whichever storyline you add to. Also, I really, really despise doing things strictly for shock value, so please...try and keep this thing dark, perverse, sexual, etc without making it so very apparent. And keep the grammar nice! Thanks! Write on and have fun. Also, please write in THIRD PERSON! None of this, "You did this" or "I did that" or I will delete your addition.

Edit- One more note. Please write your posts in past tense. None of this "Maegyn takes her husband's hand and holds it close." Please do this: "Maegyn TOOK her husband's hand and HELD it close." Please.

Again, I reiterate. If you do not follow these rules, I WILL delete your chapters.
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