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  1. your adventure starts here!
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by Sparky
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this is a sort of pokemon/digimon version of giant animals :)
Chapter 1

your adventure starts here!

    by: Sparky   More by this author
it's a day like every other day of your life. Today you decided to take a walk trough the closest park, the sun shines brightly, so it looked like your day would not be bad at all. This until you stopped and noticed something shining into the foloage of a near bush.

You got closer and slowly reached into the foliage to pull out what it seems to be a pendand with an oddly shining blue stone on its center. looking at it in awe you touched the weird stone that all of a sudden started to shine brighter and brighter, blinding you! you dropped the pendant and stepped backward, feeling like your head was spinning...when you woke up you weren't in the park anymore you looked at yourself, then around, realizing that you were...
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