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A woman is shrunk and ends up at the mercy of her kids, and her ex-husband's new family.

A woman is shrunk and ends up at the mercy of her kids, and her ex-husband's new family.

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Morgan is a single mother, whose husband divorced her for another woman shortly after her daughter was born. She was given joint custody of her two children, and her husband somehow got off without having to pay child support. Her husband and his new wife are allowed to have the children every other weekend, and holidays and the summer are split. The most hurtful part of her situation is that the children actually like their stepmom, sometimes saying they like her more.

Morgan can barely make enough money to pay her bills, and needs a way to make some extra money. One day, while reading the newspaper she finds an ad that catches her eye. It is asking for a female volunteer to come to a local laboratory for an experiment. She isn't really interested, until she sees that it pays $5,000, plus further payment on subsequent appointments. So, she writes down the address and decides to go try the experiment.


Morgan - Mother/Main Character - 35 years old, dark brown hair, blue eyes, slightly below average height, and a slim figure.

Mike - Father/Ex-Husband - 36 years old, black hair, brown eyes, average height, handsome, good paying job, and has put on weight since divorce. (Before and After Below)

Stephanie - Stepmom/New Wife - 30 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, average height, BBW.

Matt - Son - 13 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, used to be in school wrestling club, but quit because it was too much work. Slightly overweight due to lack of exercise, and likes his new stepmom.

Hannah - Daughter - 8 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, looks a lot like her mom, typical hyper little girl, and she also really likes her new stepmom.

Ashley - Babysitter - 18 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, and slightly chubby. She lives next door to Morgan, and isn't very nice, but doesn't charge too much to babysit.

Sarah - Stephanie's Younger Sister - 27 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, BBW, lesbian. A middle school teacher with a steady girlfriend, and she visits Stephanie and Mike often.

Melissa - Sarah's Girlfriend - 27 years old, brown hair, green eyes, slightly chubby, lesbian. A web designer who works from home, and gets along great with Stephanie, Mike, and the kids.

1. No one sentence chapters, I would like to see at least a couple paragraphs.
2. Don't kill off Morgan.
3. Only Morgan can shrink.
4. Most everything is allowed, thus the 18+ rating.
5. Please no sexual interaction with characters under 18. Other interaction is fine.
6. Feel free to add more characters.
7. Have Fun!

***UPDATE MAY 20, 2017***

I needed to update some of the pictures. I have redone all the image links, since some of them were down. The rules have also been tweaked a bit. As a kind of incentive to bring people back, I'm going to be giving away 1000 GP for the next 20 chapters added. I'd love to see some new life back in this old story. If you are interested in adding, I would love to read what you you come up with. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to let me know. Also, feel free to check out my other stuff in my portfolio, you might like it as well.

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