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A gts/shrinking interactive for the Fire Emblem games. Additions appreciated.

A gts/shrinking interactive for the Fire Emblem games. Additions appreciated.

This is an interactive story containing 503 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
As of today, ownership of this interactive has been transferred to me, Doreedo. This was done with the blessing of the original owner, and I hope they choose to add to this interactive from time to time.


1. The rating for this fic has been increased to 18+, because I much prefer to write that way. I feel constrained attempting to write within a 13+ boundary, and so this interactive will remain with its new 18+ desigation for the forseeable future.
1a) This means that fetishes that were not allowed previously due to the 13+ rating ARE NOW ALLOWED. I will, however, be keeping the original owner's desire to have everone written in character. If you want to write about people getting mangled, tortured, or whatever, just remember that their are plenty of female villains in the series to work with. It doesn't have to be the good guys suddenly going nuts.
1b) Graphic content (blood, gore, violent death) IS ALLOWED. But if people start posting this kind of stuff I'll have to bump up the rating of the story to GC. There isn't anything like that right now, so I'll keep it at 18+ for the time being.
1c) Under my rules, the giant ladies of Fire Emblem are not immortal. If you can write it well or make it progress the story, you may kill your GTS. Just keep in mind that death is final under most circumstances in the Fire Emblem universe and ALWAYS a tragedy when it happens to a playable character or allied npc.

Beyond that, ONLY FEMALE GIANTS. Men can shrink, but not grow bigger than the height they started at. I generally only write about people getting shrunk, so I probably won't add to much to storylines about Girls growing. Go nuts on these.

2. As with the original owner, the only additions that will be deleted/edited are one line additions. If it is to a storyline I already have an outline to, I may edit it and write over it entirely.
2a) I will also delete and/or heavily edit chapters that contain excessive bad grammar. There's too many stories up here featuring chapters that read out like someone was heavily intoxicated while writing them. If English isn't your first language, just do your best.

3. Because this is now an 18+ interactive, people will have significantly greater freedom to write about fetishes. On that note, there are a list of banned fetishes (which will be deleted if I find them present in the interactive.
3a) Right now, only one fetish is banned; anything toilet related. If its vore, digestion is allowed (and you are allowed to get graphic, if that is your wish.) The aftermath is taboo. It can be referenced but I won't allow chapters featuring anything heavy with toilet-related content.

4. I like a lot of different fetishes, most of them not related at all. When I write, I usually end up merging them into something bizarre and disturbing to other people. You have been warned.
4a) Feel free to add to any chapters I personally create. Seeing other people's writing ESPECIALLY in the context of bizarre fetish~y stuff ironically helps me write better. Really gets the ol' creative juices flowing. Just as long as it keeps in line with the short list of banned fetishes, all are welcome here
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