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Your a reporter investigating South Barkalow, a town with a 98% obesity rate.

Your a reporter investigating South Barkalow, a town with a 98% obesity rate.

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First and foremost I must give immense thanks to...
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Without them you would not see nearly as much quality in this story as you see now.

In this Interactive we read about Lisa Boytise, a hardcore journalist working for Need-To-Know News. Recently, her boss had responded to her desperate e-mail for a part in a news story, the contents of the response is below:

Subject: Big Story in South Barkalow

         Lisa, I know you're hungry for a big story to sink your teeth into and I have just the think to quench your cravings. If done right this story could make you very, very big. As you may or may not know a recent study from Stanford University proved South Barkalow to be the fattest town in all of the USA. Why is this break through for you? Well it may seem like chump change to other newspapers but I see this as perfect front page news.

Stanford's findings say that an astonishing 98 percent of the citizens are either overweight or obese. We want you to report there, and find out what is so different about this town and what is going on. Find out everything possible about this growing town. Why is the population booming? What is the cause for such a high number of overweight residence? And why are tourists so interested in this place? I want to break open this story wide-open before anyone else has a chance too.

The company and I are sending you out to South Barkalow for a week long reporting bonanza. Trust me Lisa, if you take this opportunity and run with it this could end up being very successful for you and the paper.

Is this fat town more than meets the eyes? Join Lisa and uncover the many secrets of this over-bloated city, meet the citizens, talk to the mayor, eat and chat or go undercover. Do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this, and have fun exploring the many places South Barkalow has to offer.

Snoop through the post office's mail, ease drop on the citizens, make small talk with the mayor, or go dumpster diving for clues all the while completing your boss's extra tasks. Just make sure to watch your weight, and not to overdue it on the food! *Smile*


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A note to Authors thinking about contributing: Remember I want this story to go along as relatively realistic, I know that might seem like alot to ask since the story premise is a bit ridiculous in and of itself but bear with me and be as creative and talented as you can be. And by all means, if the story is coming to an end and the mystery is solved or the bad guy is caught ect. feel completely free to end the story.

I know many authors don't like dead ends but I infact want them! I want this to be a real interactive with a plot and character growth and such, not some never ending interactive that the author manages to keep growing by throwing together far-fetched ideas. Thanks alot for reading guys and I truly hope you enjoy the story!
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