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You are a typical Bully and now, the table has turned!

You are a typical Bully and now, the table has turned!

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Your name is Steven and is a sophomore at Bluemeadow High. You stand at 6'2'' and you work out regulary to keep fit. You are one of those bullies who like to pick on people to make them do things they don't want to do. You have brown hair and blue eyes and are actually quite handsome if not for your personality. Your story starts when you had a dream of some Goddess.

Some of the people that you know are:

She's a blonde cheerleader and also in your year. She's around 5'5'' and has nice slender body and honey coloured skin. Whenever you go past her, you brush yourself against her tits, annoying her to no end. One time, she even reported you for assaulting her sexually except it got no where because the teachers don't really like to be involved with you.

She's a freshmen and around 5'6'' tall.She's your half-sister, having the same father although you don't live with her. She's got an alright figure and whenever you see her, it seems that she's quite popular because there are boys and girls following you around. It's rare to see her without Jade.

She's a year older than you and is one of your fellow bully. She's quite a tomboy and she has red hair flowing down to her shoulders. She's almost as tall as you at 6' and it's obvious from being around her, that she doesn't wash too often.

She's your girlfriend and she's a brunette. She's quite small and is only 5'1'' but she makes up for it with her smooth tanned skin and kinkyness. She's pretty horny for you and has many friends. It is known throughout the school that she is quite slutty.

He's also in your year and he's what you would call a nerd. He has brown hair and he's around 5'4''. He gets good grades but doesn't play any sports. You and your friends like to bully him into doing your homework for you.

Mrs. Smith
She's your homeroom teacher. She's quite wild and she wears clothes that almost asks boys to touch her. To make the matter worse, she's only 25 she was a cheerleader when she was in high school, so she's very thin and has nice ass. She's around 5'8'' and has black hair. You and her have an odd relationship where you guys are always arguing in class. But if you look at it from a different angle, it's almost as Mrs. Smith actually enjoys talking to you.

Ruby's best friend. They are in the same year of course. You know Jade quite well because Ruby and Jade are always together in school. Jade is hispanic and her chest is quite filled out. She's the same height as Ruby and she might have the hots for you because more often than not, she blushes when she greets you.

She's a freshmen who's quite shy. She wears glasses and has quite a good figure. However, she tends to read books all the time, which isn't your type. She's bullied by you, Ruby and Jade all the time because she stands out as a geek. She's 5'3'' with orange hair.

The Goddess of Fairness

Whoever she is, she caused all this. She decided to punish you after watching your behaviour where you bullied and made fun of a lot of people. She can transform and change size as she wishes and she has a glowing aura about her. She enjoys tormenting you.

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I'm mainly writing this to get my other stories noticed as well because they are pretty much dead as the only ones adding to them are me.

Have fun reading and Add if you wish.
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