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  1. Waking up
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by Tyneth
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You shrink somewhere in our world and have to deal with several animals.
Chapter 1

Waking up

    by: Tyneth   More by this author
You slowly open your eyes and stare at the sky. Lying on your back, you feel somehow strange and very exhausted but you dont’ know why. Your head hurts and your legs feel like if you’ve taken part in a marathon a couple of hours ago.
Finally, you try to get on your feet and think about your situation: “Where am I? What time is it? What happened to me.... and why the hell do I have to ask questions like that?”
As you finally manage to stand up and open your eyes completely, you immediately fall down again due to what you just witness.
The world around you is gigantic! Somehow you must have shrunk. This new awareness complicates the question of what happened to you even more.
“Impossible....”, you think. “This has to be a weird dream.... a hallucination or whatever!”
but suddenly, some scenes from several hours ago come to your mind!
You remember who you are and where you were when you suddenly lost consciousness.
To be precise, you are...
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