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Because fat people are yummy - and fattening!

Because fat people are yummy - and fattening!

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These people are so hungry, they aren't just pigging out on regular food - they're pigging out on other people! Humans are not only high in calories, but also highly addictive! Pretty soon, both the hungry folks and their meals are looking a lot bigger!

If this is your first time reading this interactive, what started as a few prompts for weight gain and soft vore has... grown, into a massive work with over a thousand chapters. The general pattern is characters (mostly female) gaining weight and soft voring larger and larger people - beyond that, I haven't restricted additions.

If you've been here before, welcome back - it's been ten years since I remade this from my original account, and we're still updating thanks to our wonderful contributors! Please, if you enjoy this interactive - add a chapter, even if it's not very long or you're shy about your writing. I've seen so many works with great potential that eventually ran out of contributions, and I'd like to keep this a community effort! If you don't want to add a chapter, that's fine - please favorite this, leave a review, and link anyone you know who might be interested in what we do here.

Update: major, major thanks to the anonymous benefactor who gifted a writing.com subscription recently. I hope to make very good use of it soon, sadly I can't promise a date or # of chapters but that's the kind of support that keeps me going, thanks again!

Many chapters are under my user name, however I remade this story from a previous interactive because I couldn't recover my old account. Original entries by others were copied into this new interactive, with permission from the original authors who were also linked and credited, but the accreditation and links were removed (not by me), so older chapters by users who are no longer members of this site are, unfortunately, misattributed. My apologies for any confusion.

As always, here is a 'Hall of Fame' for major contributors, some of whom have left the site but still gave us a great impression of their talents and work: Girl Q, Adipose Rex, sup, herokero, joemoehow, Sandwich Boy, OOO, Mountain Dragoon, Go-Tee, aw_bassist, Drez, loggyj, dprodigy, May the Light shine on you, ChrisisX, Krauxtonian, Emperor Palpatine, and WTLamp.
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