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by Mr. E
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Your Shrunken one day! What will these Crazy Giantesses do to you? GP for Additions

Your Shrunken one day! What will these Crazy Giantesses do to you? GP for Additions

This is an interactive story containing 923 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is where my main work is at now http://mr-e2.deviantart.com/ and on http://www.egiantess.com/mre2

http://www.writing.com/main/polls/item_id/1799030-Best-shrinkingGTS-writer-on-wr... check this poll out

New Interactive: Read mine and others dreams weve had about Giantesses and view what ohters and myself have seen with my very own eyes! I lived these dreams and now so can you "Giantess Dreams

OLD CONTEST: check it out. Nows the time to vote for your favorite hottie from this story. The winner of this poll gets more chapters added to her for Every Fetish! "Whos your Favorite Character from SwFF&M

SUPER CONTEST: add some great chapters and get your profile highlighted here and the same goes for my other macrophile stories as well. "Shrinking Doctor and "Death Note Shrink / GTS, "Code Geass R1/R2 Shrinking and Giantess and "Shrinking with Friends, Family And More its my unofficial sequel to this story "Shrunk with Friends Family and More 2"

Now with 30% more vore lol
If you add to this story you get lots of GP
A Few Rules: only the main character can be shrunk(except the mall)
Nothing gay except lesbians and NO male characters unless they shrink too.
make sure to give at least 2 options when continuing a story and not just one
anything is ok but this is whats preferred Feet Butt Boobs Belly Soft Hard Vore Crush Ass Pussy Vagina Death Life Mouth Play Toilet Slave Humiliation Pet Toy Breasts Enlargement Expansion Voyeur Gentle Evil Tits Stomach Throat Bug Gore Micro Aware Unaware Growth Shrinkage AV Unbirth Growing Body Exploration Tiny Teasing Bug Insertion Scat Sex Dildo Anal Clit Digestion or no Digestion !
if you want to end the story go ahead just make sure theres one chapter before giving the OPTION to let him live or die or so on. also no toilet flushing endings. he has to live through it. Endings must be detailed!
Everyone is now over 18. I dont feel like changing hundreds of chapters
try NOT to add any 1 or 2 sentence chapters and try to write clear. for example dont do this"OMG you smell my feet now get in my shoe bye you dead" haha try to avoid that. And No Plagiarism!
Your House
Jake Smith(You) brown hair brown eyes age (you can choose how he shrunk)
Trisha (mother) 39 years old, green eyes, blonde bombshell of a Milf who is still very hot with a double D cup bra. here she is (I fixed the link)http://www.hottestmominamerica.com/cpg149/displayimage.php?pid=511&fullsize=1

Sarah (Older Sister) shes 23, blonde hair, blue eyes, has an amazing body which she shows off all the time with either a C or D cup bra and usualy wears Very tight shorts that show off her ass. Here is a picture of what Sarah looks like
Julie (Older Sister) age 20 brown hair and blue eyes she never really liked you and has always been kind of your rival, lower c cup bra. heres two pictures of Julie
Stacy(younger sister) shes 18 with black hair and brown eyes and is still kind of a brat even though shes a teenager now

Your Aunts House
Cassandra (Aunt) 29 years old brown hair hazel eyes, C cup bra has a nice big butt but not fat because she exersizes a lot. http://img249.imageshack.us/i/cassandrsun.jpg/

Bianca (Cousin) brown hair brown eyes Cassandras daughter who is a real spoiled brat who complains that she wants a new unique toy for her birthday coming up in a few days so shes until then.
"I reserve Bianca's next chapter 12 this one 1-2-5-1-1-2-2-2-2-1-1-1. the second option is free and the next chapter to the most recent Bianca chapter I added (chapter 27). second option is free.

Claire (Aunt) shes 34 with black hair, green eyes, B cup tits and is just visiting your aunt for the week until she goes home from her business trip here. she doesnt like you too much and is very strict. Heres Claire in her work clothes.

Neighbors house
Rachel 20 years old, shoulder length black hair, brown eyes, upper C cup boobs you always liked to watch her tan next to her pool in her bikini
Mandy 18 years old longer black hair than her sisters, hazel eyes, upper B cup breasts Rachels younger sister, has a crush on you. Mandy in a Bikini

http://www.flickr.com/photos/13441871@N00/2594678288/in/photostream/ Her backside
Girlfiends house
Cindy 18 hottie blonde hair blues eyes, B cup boobs shes in love with you but maybe a little too much? the picture below is Cindy in a Bikini (ignore the guy)
Alison (Cindy's Mother) 41 Red hair, Hazel eyes, D cup bra,a total Milf who likes you visiting her daughter but sometimes it seems she never wanted you to go http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h245/atlantacyclist8/DagmarMidcap1.jpg

The Mall: anything goes here you can add whatever characters you want just stay close to the Rules listed above.
the difference is shrinking women or girls can shrink in in the mall
tell me what you think of the story or what you might want added to grow to the story
Add and name these characters Or add ANY new characters you want to
This is a picture of Julies urban Friend Analeigh always updating her myspace, a little ghetto.

This is a picture of Sarahs geeky friend also unnamed for now, saw your halloween pic on facebook and thinks your a cutie, always buys new shoes
Cassandras milfy friend, always asking to help her figure out how to twitter.
Random asian girl eats microscopic man (why not) this happened at the Chinese and Japanese restaurant down the street from you http://www.westend61.de/image/mi/JL00126.jpg

Too Long
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