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A cult of women have taken over the planet when one of them finds a shrink ray gun

A cult of women have taken over the planet when one of them finds a shrink ray gun

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Our world has been taken over by a gigantic cult of girls(ages 15-25) Girls volunteer to join but must be between these ages.

Jason Marksman- You are an average 17 year old guy, with brown hair and blue eyes, simply living in your families house worrying about college and a job. Your world goes black one day as you are knocked out in a terrible fire. You awaken to see that you are 1 inch tall in the burning ashes of your room.

Jessica Marksman- She is your 21 year old preachy and bossy sister, she has blue eyes and bleach blonde hair, also having a slight caring side. After the fire you saw that she had joined the cult.

Jen Marshall- Jen is your obsessive and loving girlfriend who was forced to join the cult by her sister. She is 17 and has bright blue eyes with very dark brown hair. She has chosen to be a against the cult since she loves you so much.

Sam Marshall- Jen's older sister, she is 23 and is very bossy, cruel and selfish. She hates you beyond reason for dating her sister and joined the cult for the only purpose of squishing, chewing, smashing or swallowing you alive. She looks identical to Jen except her hair has dyed blonde streaks in it and she is older

Marissa Sandars- She is one of your classmates in school, she has chosen to join the cult due to her low self asteem after she asked you out. Marissa is mad at you for saying no and going out with Jen so she will do anything to break you up. She has brown, almost blonde hair with dark brown eyes. She has a tiny bit of weight on her hips and belly.

Cassandra Gerson- She is the queen of the cult, being 23 years old, she discovered the shrink ray guns formula when she found a sample of a strange rock and mixed it with electricity. Cassandra sits on her throne at the hideout the cult made in a nearby coffee shop. She constantly swallows shrunken men that the other girls have captured and uses the rest when her belly is filled for pleasure. Cassandra has sandy blonde hair and crystal blue eyes.

Melanie Smalls- Melanie is a 15 year old girl, being the youngest in the group, she is always active and searching for shrunken men to feed to Cassandra. She has dark brown hair and light brown eyes, being the co-searcher for the group.

Amy Giant- She is the searcher of the group and leads all investigations to find shrunken people herself with Melanie tagging along. She is really a giant, being the tallest in the group, she is asian with long red streaks going down her brown hair and is 20 years old. She is prohibited from eating or killing shrunken men on trips, but she may tend to bend the rules

Okay so now thats over with let me go over a few rules
No character adding unless you ask me
Only humans
Only Giant women, not giant men
No gay stuff
Please try and be descriptive
Only ages 15-25 girls allowed in the cult
This is a fetish story, but please try and make it exciting, it has a plot too
Have Fun!

Also Please readers become writers because I have written all chapters so far. Please if you can make a contribution to the story
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