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by Bethp
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Your Family moves to a Farm on the edge of town and will find a surprise

Your Family moves to a Farm on the edge of town and will find a surprise

This is an interactive story containing 520 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Your family just moved to a large farm site on the edge of town. The place is fantastic it has a large house, a barn for animals and a machine shop. Unbeknownst to you and your family the machine shop has a hidden room in the back. That room contains a lab with a machine with two pods. It is a mind transfer device.

Kyle (Dad): 34 years old, he's well built rugged, outdoorsy, strong, 6'2" blond. He always wanted to farm. He thinks it will bring the family together. He went to school to be a teacher, but took a job on the railroad to pay bills, so he's gone too much. He's hoping that soon he will have enough cash saved up that he can leave the railroad, try for a teaching job and farm on the side.

Liz (Mom): 32 years old, she has fair skin, red hair, 5'6", very beautiful; she doesn't like the move to the country even though town is very close. She is going along with the move but wants to change Kyle's mind. She wants to understand her children, but doesn't think Kyle buying this farm is the right solution. She thinks this move will trap her out in the country where she doesn't want to be. She loves her family, but wants more and doesn't know what it is. She wanted to go to college, she wants to travel, but life happened and was married right out of high school to her childhood sweetheart Kyle.

Daryl (Son): 14, blond like his dad, almost 6' and growing fast, well built, smart and athletic. He loves being out on the farm. He is very shy. He and his twin sister Katy are very close.

Katy (oldest Daughter): 14 very pretty, she has long red hair like her mom, smart, but acts like a ditz in school, her mom wants her to live up to her potential. She wants to be popular. She hates living in the country and thinks its hurting her popularity.

Tara (Younger Daughter): 10 years old, strawberry blond, she is the baby of the family, very mischievous, loves animals, and idealizes her older sister. She likes the farm because she wants to get horses and other animals

Rebecca Johnson (neighbor): She's 24 very beautiful, she's Tara's teacher. She has a nice house across the road. She is very wealthy and has a trust fund. She travels with her college friends during the summer. Rebecca and Liz are jealous of each others lives. She would love to be married and have a family.

Zack (Daryl's best friend): He's 14 a little on the heavier side has a crush on Katy, but she would never have anything to do with him since she doesn't consider him popular. Some of his relatives had owned the farm where the story takes place before they left town mysteriously

Julie (Katy's friend): very popular, but comes from a horrible home life, so she stays over when ever she can. She has a crush on Daryl. She would love to have a normal life.

Mary (Daryl's girlfriend): she is athletic, very beautiful, but very bitchy and full of herself. Her father wanted a boy and pushed her into athletics. Daryl's family hates her.

Spike (family dog) she is part husky and part German Shepard looks more like a husky with blue eyes. Very protective of the family

Boots (farm cat): This cat was here when the family moved in. She acts very weird for a cat

Feel free to add more characters.
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