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You gain the power to turn into liquid and enter screens, then enter the body of girls.

You gain the power to turn into liquid and enter screens, then enter the body of girls.

This is an interactive story containing 788 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Your name is Anthony, and you gain the power to turn into liquid and enter TV and handheld video game screens, then enter the body of girls in it. Once you do that, you have possessed them. You can access their memories, use any abilities they have, live their lives, and imitate them perfectly. While you are liquid, you can split yourself into multiple parts so that you can possess multiple girls, and also be yourself at the same time. There will be one part that will be in complete control of all other parts, that is the main part, and you can switch which part is the main part. When you are in the series, no time will pass (unless part of you is in the real world).

You can alter the girls' memories and then leave their bodies at any time, you can also make it so that they are your loyal slaves or that they have no minds or free will at all and will only do what you tell them to, and you can also alter the size of certain parts of their body, for example, their breasts. You can return to the real world while in their body, and when you enter their body from the real world, you can enter their series while it is on.

You also can make others liquid while they are holding on to you, and only you can turn them them back to normal. You both can enter the same body, however, and both have control that you share, but you are the dominant one if you do. You can also enter the body of a real girl and do the same things to her as the girls from the Cartoons, Anime, and Video Games. Also, you can have girls turn into liquid under the same conditions as the boys. When you possess a girl, you can then use their body to possess another girl, if that happens, you can leave the girl whose body your using to possess the other inside the other girl's body, and if you want, you can remove the girl's body, which will be yours to use.

You and only you can cause a merger (either by you merging, or by you having others merge), but no boy other than you can be used in a merger. When two or more characters merge, you can choose the personality traits they get from which person (along with the appearance, but unlike the personality part, there must be aspects of the appearance from everyone merged), but if you are one of the people merged, then you have complete control, with no change in personality, with the ability access to their memories if you want to. The default form of the body you get when you merge will be female, but you can change it to male at any point (but no in between).

As soon as you get the powers, you will get the urge to possess a girl (although you may not realize that the urge is to possess someone at that point, but that it is to enter her body), an urge that will be so strong that you can't fight it. If you go too long without possessing a girl, then you will start to get the urge again, and it will slowly get to the point where you can't fight it, and will possess the first girl you can. If you're already possessing a girl, you obviously won't get the urge, and the longer you're in her body, the longer you can go without the urge once you leave. If you split yourself into multiple parts and have some of the parts possess girls, then the urge is reduced, and you can go longer without it, but eventually it will get to the point any part not possessing a girl will get the urge to the point where they can't fight the urge (obviously, the more females possessed, the more the urge is reduced).

If you occupy a space in liquid form where a non-physical girl is while she is intangible, you can still get inside of her if you can manipulate your and her forms to the point where she'd completely cover you.

Your mind can't be read, your soul, mind, and memories can't be affected by outside sources, and while you are in the body of a female, her mind is unconscious while you're in control, and you can alter her thoughts, making it so you can fool anyone into thinking that you're that girl if they do a mind reading. Information involving you possessing them can't be discovered by mind reading at all, even if you would mentally scream it at someone while they are doing a mind reading. Your mind can't be affected by any outside forces.

A person who is possessing a girl can assimilate the girl's mind and make it theirs permanently, unable to have the part of themself inside at the time leave the body. In this situation, you can't be completely inside the body. If the possessor is stuck inside a host's body permanently, the girl's mind is unable to be put on autopilot, as it is no longer separate from the person possessing them, but you are still imune to any outside forces. In trade off for this, the one possessing no longer needs to search for memories, as they'll come on their own, although the person can still search for the memories, the downside is that the person possessing will, for a while, have some of the host's habits, and if they are absent minded about something, then they may subconsciously act like the host would to a degree in a situation, except her mind and personality being influenced by the one possessing her.

Anything that specifically controls liquids will not affect you.


No gay/lesbian stuff or incest, except in cases where it is canon in a series, and in this case, don't focus on it, also, these things don't apply to you as far as possessing girls goes, as your powers can alter things that would cause problems, such as diseases, and things caused by incest, and in the case of boys in girls' bodies, they still have male minds, which would be attracted to girls, while the girls' bodies are attracted to guys. Romance between a boy in a girl's body and a boy in their own body is ok, but if that is used, then the boy must stay in the girl's body permanently, and if you are the one who does it, then you must have a part of yourself outside of the body in order to avoid being stuck in it.

Use proper spelling and grammar (I'm ok with small mistakes since everyone makes them once in a while).

No weight gain or vore (outside of entering the bodies of girls in liquid form), except in cases where it is canon in a series, and in this case, don't focus on it.

If I find out that someone who adds has stolen someone else's chapter, and then posted it as their own, then I'll delete it.

Stick to the story that's going on, don't switch it all the sudden without any explanation.

Only you can gain this power, everyone else needs your help to do anything with it.

A boy in a girl's body must be referred to as a girl. The other characters don't have to, but the person writing it must do it.

Characters who can transform between girl forms and boy forms will be only have their girl form the whole time that you (or anyone you help possess that character) are in their body, and you can also lock them in the female form.

If there is ever a debate on the gender of a character, then ask me, and I'll decide. Characters that are counted as female:
Haku (There is no way that Haku is a boy in my opinion, and I can think of several reasons for Haku to hide her identity).
Vivian (In the English version of Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door it is true without a doubt, and by what I understand, the info in the journal about the characters in the Japanese version comes from Mario's point of view, and since Beldam calls Vivian a man during an insult, Mario could quite possibly only believe it to be true).

If you want to have a female version of a male character, then you must have something happen to change their gender.

Any character who in their series is called a god will be considered a powerful spirit instead in this story, even if the charaters from their series won't call them as such.

Please put up links to pictures of the fictional girls during the option chapter they are mentioned in, or the chapter they appear in. Also, if you can, put up links to images of any original characters from that series, or any fused characters. (I'll do my best to edit the chapters already up to include images). Don't hesitate to use pictures of what the girls are doing.

No ending the story.

No turning Anthony evil or changing his personality. Since the video games, anime, and cartoons are in a fictional world, Anthony has less restrictions in there with that rule, he can play the role of a villain/villainess, but only in the fictional world, not in the actual one.

Aside from that, you can do what you want. I may add more rules later.

Anthony: 16 years old. A lone-wolf, but not a mean person and is very stubborn. Will always be there for his friends if he can; become his enemy and you will have a hard time. He is not a lone-wolf towards his friends. Tall, with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Wears dark blue jeans or shorts, black shoes, with the shirts he wears being either completely dark blue, completely yellow, completely red, very dark blue with the word Nintendo written on the front, or black with a picture of Sonic on the front.

Other Characters (Note, there are changes, due to the fact that one woman having as many kids as Diana did in the original is unrealistic):

Laura: Anthony's older sister by a few months. 16 years old. She wears brown boots, jeans, and a black shirt. She has blond hair. She is a very selfish person who thinks she is better than everyone else. She still cares for her siblings, and unknown to them, has threatened Sarah to not let Zoey know the truth after kicking her butt, since Zoey cares for her step siblings and step father, and Laura doesn't want to risk Zoey distancing herself from them. Kimberly kept custody of her after the divorce.

Zack: Anthony's older brother. 20 years old. Gets along with Anthony and and the rest of their siblings, except Laura, although both care for each other. Zoey thinks Zack is just a friend of Anthony's. Kimberly kept custody of him after the divorce. Has a crush on Mary, but due to being step siblings, feels awkward about it, so he doesn't tell her. He doesn't know she feels the same way.

Kimberly: Anthony's 42 year old mother. She wears black high heels, a grey skirt, and a grey shirt. She has long brown hair. A very kind person, she cares about other people and tries to help them if they need it. Sad that her family was split apart, but she and Henry just couldn't make it last.

Sarah: Anthony's older step sister. 17 years old. She's shallow, liking only what's popular, and is a real witch (Not literally, just personality wise, and I won't write the word originally used to describe her that was used by the person who created her) towards Anthony and friends. Always dyes her hair to whatever hair color is popular. Fears Laura.

Anna: Anthony's younger step sister. 15 years old. Just started the swim team 3 months ago. She has a long, straight golden hair, average eyes, pointy nose, and her mouth is not big, but not small, and she always smile in front of people, and giggles as she talks, which makes her look cute on the face. She is thin, and moderately short, around 160+cm in height, she has the breast of C-cup sized, it's not that big. She is also good in sports, and intelligent in her work, and she is popular among her age group, but not exactly as popular as school models. She looks up to and respects Anthony. She loves anime and video games. She wears a wide variety of clothes, but wears a green one-piece bathing suit while swimming. She has a crush on Anthony, but feels awkward about it, due to Zoey not knowing, and them being step siblings, so she hides it.

Andy: Anthony's younger brother. 13 years old. Loves video games. Has a crush on Bethany, although she doesn't know (more info will be added when someone expands upon it).

Zoey: Anthony's younger step sister. 10 years old. She is majorly in love with Anthony, but due to thinking that they are actually related, she feels awkward about her feelings and hides them, acting like she just has a brother complex, however, if she found out the truth, she would make no effort to hide her feelings. She likes her friends, and unlike Sarah, she doesn't like populars or following them. She has a shortish, light brown hair in pigtails, amber-colored eyes and a smile that fits greatly on her face. She has normal breasts, not too big because she's so young. She wears mostly skirts and shirts, but she has some jeans, and sometimes she wears dresses, she loves all colors equally, and thus, she has many different colors of clothing. She likes candy (mainly chocolate), playing videogame, and she loves love stories. Anthony likes her too and they've always gotten along. She has the personality of a cute 10 year innocent girl, she wouldn't do anything bad even if forced to. She knows her brother is a nice person and inspires in him. She loves being praised and is a hard worker. Would do everything for her brother.

Mia: Anthony's twin sister who gets along with him very well. Her favorite fictional character is Mia from the Fire Emblem series, because they share the same name, and similar personalities. She naturally has black hair, but always dyes it purple in order to be like her favorite character. She is almost always wearing a skirt or dress. She likes sports (one of the few kinds of things that she doesn't wear a skirt for), but can't stand cheerleaders. She is easily excitable, more so when she has some kind of sugar (which is why she usually isn't allowed by her family to have any when at home or out at a family event).

When she has some kind of sugar, then she gets so hyper that she sometimes starts pulling pranks, although they're never harmful. She is an odd mix of being a tomboy and girly-girl, but gets annoyed with girls who are complete girly-girls. Shares Anthony's love of the sword, anime, and video games, but because of how hyper she is, she hardly ever reads books, because she think they're too boring for the most part.. She's a little faster than Anthony, but a little weaker. She is also a couple minutes younger than him. She's always wanted to have a full on twin telepathy, and secretly wishes that Anthony and herself would share one mind, no matter if it would be one of them in charge, or a merger of their minds (that being said, Anthony's powers prevent him from being controlled or subverted)

Mary: Anthony's older step sister who is in college. 21 years old. Waist length, dark brown hair kept in a ponytail, same eyes as Anthony, shorter than Anthony but athletic. Humble and willing to help out. She enjoys playing video games with Anthony a bit. Likes spending time with friends and Anthony when possible. Adapt at video games somewhat (not as much as Anthony or the others), pretty fast as she almost beat a track record. Nimble as well (as in she could be an excellent thief if she desired) She likes sticking up for people when they feel oppressed, she has a strong sense of justice, and she is a tomboy. Prefers to wear a lavender sweater over a white tank top, along regular jeans and white shoes. She has a crush on Zack, but since they are step siblings, feels awkward about it, and doesn't tell him. She doesn't know that he feels the same way.

Diana: Anthony's step mother. She is a widow, with her late husband being Henry's cousin. She married Henry a little over a year after her late husband's death, during that time, Zoey was born. Since Henry has the same last name as her married name, Zoey hasn't been able to find anything weird about it that could cause her to figure out. (This is all for her for now, I'll update it if/when she is used again)

Henry: Anthony's father. 42 years old. Is in the military, but his section hasn't been called in to outside conflict at the time. He is about to begin some military training required, and won't be back for two weeks. He'll either leave while Anthony is at school, or the next day, depending on who is writing. Originally married to Kimberly, but they couldn't make it last. All of his kids blame him for splitting up the family. (more info will be added when someone expands upon it).

Natalie: Anthony's step aunt. 35 years old. A near mirror image of Megan (mentioned later). Tall and slender, she goes on business trips for a technology company she and her late husband co-owned. She always dresses professionally, and is completely dedicated to her work and children. She is fearful of taking the children with her, traveling due to the nature of her husband's death, but she calls them two times each day, fifteen minutes each. To relax, she practices Tai Chi (a non violent form of martial arts). She drives a cherry red corvette. She will be on her business trip for three months, working on a contract deal with a European company.

Kyle: Natalie's husband. Deceased. He was tall and muscular with jet black hair and deep blue eyes. He traveled across the globe, taking care of business abroad while his wife worked at home, raising their three daughters. He was shot in the heart by a robber he had cornered inside his apartment while on a business trip.

Jacinta: Natalie's oldest daughter. 16 years old. Tall and slender, like her mom, jet black hair and piercing green eyes. She is cold to anyone she does not know, will warm up though... given time. Jacinta is the top cheerleader in her school but prefers to play football as she is strong for her age. She hates video games of any kind as she is into real adventures such as mountain climbing or cave exploring... would climb a building, if it were not frowned upon, lives for the next challenge. She prefers to wear blue jeans and snug fitting shirts, of earth tone colors, and boots. She is on the cheer team to be closer to the game she would prefer to play. Jacinta had a fair relationship with Megan, but the two have not talked since receiving news of their father's death.

Hannah: Natalie's daughter, and the middle child of the sisters. 14 years old. Short for her age, with shoulder length brown hair and gentle green eyes. She is a tomboy, kind to all, but she can fight well, if provoked enough. Hannah is a member of the junior ROTC, low rank but eager to learn. She is into martial arts of any kind, has a black belt in Kung fu and Karate. She is a big fan of the Kamen Rider series. Hannah loves video games and is often teased by Jacinta for playing them, causing the occasional fights. Hannah loves to wear skirts and dresses. She is more popular with the boys than her older sister, which often drives her crazy. She got along very well with Megan but has been quiet since their father's death... seeing a pattern here?

Megan: Natalie's youngest daughter. 13 years old. Andy's height, with waist length brown hair, and curiously deep blue eyes and doll like features. She is very intelligent for her age and very quiet, but she will speak if surprised or impressed, which is not very often. Megan prefers to dress professionally, usually wearing a modest length skirt and dark colored blouse. She frowns upon video games, but will play if challenged. She loves to read and watch TV. Megan is a dreamer with a wish to actually visit the Pokemon world she loves to watch. She is deeply hurt, losing her father, worse, having her family spit up while mom does the traveling. Megan secretly fears that the same fate awaits her mother and is constantly worried. She has a hidden crush on Anthony.

Amy: 16 years old. She has long blonde hair, is kind of pretty, and wears a lot of make-up. She recently moved next door to Anthony. She wears black fingerless gloves, and black jeans. She wears combat boots which always cover her pant leg bottoms, and have striped black and red laces. She normally has 3 different belts on at the same time, she wears a dark blue shirt all the time, but nobody will see it because she has a long black jacket, that everyone thinks is a dress at first sight. She wears a necklace, the chain is metal tubing, while the amulet is that of a creature with red eyes. The eyes are rubbies. She has blue eyes and wears black lip stick. She is a gothic person by apperance, but is she really gothic?

Michael: 16 years old. He has short brown hair that is very messy, but not stubble. Kind of an average body, not muscly, but not feeble. Doesn't really go out with girls, is a bit of a loner (This is mainly because of his rather obscene addiction to video games, especially Pokemon).

Brianna: 16 years old. She has long white hair, dark skin and bright green eyes. She wears a red, white, and blue jacket with a Puerto Rican flag on the backside. She also wears a pair of pitch black jeans and red and white chucks. Laid back, yet somehow, easily excitable. She loves video games, knows Spanish, but not as good for some rules as most people from Puerto Rico when she was younger, and was teased for it when she went to school there. Her mother is dead, and a spiteful girl named Marivi who lives in Puerto Rico made fun of her for it as well.

Bethany: 13 years old. She has long, straight, blond hair that comes halfway down her back, and blue eyes. She wears dresses and skirts most of the time, usually yellow, and she wears yellow knee-length boots with them, but wears dark blue biker shorts, a yellow shirt, and black shoes when doing physical activities and a yellow one-piece bathing suit when swiming. She is very shy, and has a crush on Andy (Just like she doesn't know Andy likes her, he doesn't know she likes him). Likes anime, video games, and cartoons.

Maria: Bethany's older sister, and Sarah's best friend. 17 years old. Like Sarah, she is a shallow witch, only caring about what's popular. She is also on the cheerleading squad. She is dumb, to the point where others wonder how she has enough brains to keep passing her classes (Anthony, his siblings, except Sarah, and his friends suspect that it has to do with her boyfriend, who is mentioned right below). She has long, blond hair and blue eyes.

Mike: 17 years old. Maria's boyfriend, and the Quarterback on the school's football team, he isn't much brighter than Maria, so Anthony, his siblings (except Sarah), and his friends suspect that the teachers are changing his grades since he is so good at football. Has short brown hair, brown eyes, and very big muscules. He gets annoyed at the fact that Anthony, his siblings (except Sarah, who he has no problem with since she's Maria's best friend), and his friends aren't afraid of him and won't let him push them around. He doesn't try to mess with Anthony, or anyone Anthony gets along with anymore since Katherine (mentioned a little farther down) sent her bodyguards after him when he attacked Anthony in front of her once.

Marivi: 16 years old. An old classmate of Brianna's who loved torturing her before Brianna moved (more info will be added when someone expands upon it).

Rose: 15 years old. Anna's best friend, who has a major crush on Anthony, who doesn't know it. As her name implies, she loves flowers. She usually wears a pink dress with flower designs on it and sneakers. She has long, straight, brown hair and brown eyes. She is very kind to people who aren't rude to her and her friends. She likes anime and video games. Like Anna, she is on the swim team and kickball team.

Katherine: 16 years old. A rich girl, but she isn't a snob. Her father is dead, but it didn't matter too much to her because he didn't care much for her and was always away on business, and her mother, although still alive, is very much the same. Because of how she grew up, she believes everything can be bought by money (although, as I said, she's not a snob).

Anthony once saved her life by getting her out of the way of a car that came out of nowhere and was going to hit her as she was crossing the road, and ever since, she has been in love with him. She doesn't understand why he didn't agree to become her boyfriend after she offered to pay him a large amount of money to do so, because of how she believes anything can be bought. Anthony, his family (except for Sarah, who encouraged him to accept so that she could try to take the money from him), and his friends got annoyed when she tried to buy his love, although they were thankful when she sent her bodyguards after Mike to protect Anthony (except, of course, for Sarah). Henry, Norman, and John are the only males she has working for her. She lets her friends, her uncle Henry, and Anthony call her Kat, but no one else.

She usually wears a sparkling silver dress with gems imbedded in it, expensive bracelets, a diamond necklace, and silver high-heeled shoes, although, despite the way she dresses, she is a bit of a tomboy, and likes many sports (she dresses the way she does, because her mother wants her to keep up the family's good image in front of the media). She lives in a mansion, and rides in a limo whenever she isn't going on foot. She loves video games, and has every console system, along with most of the games for them. She has long, straight, black hair and blue eyes. She knows martial arts, and is good at it, so she can easily handle most threats on her own, and her bodyguards can handle most of the others.

Sandra: 23 years old. One of Katherine's bodyguards. Short black hair and blue eyes. Always wears a black suit, black boots, and sunglasses when on duty. She never shows emotion while on duty.

John: 26 years old. One of Katherine's bodyguards. Short brown hair and brown eyes. Always wears a black suit, black boots, and sunglasses when on duty. He never shows emotion while on duty.

Jasmine: 24 years old. One of Katherine's bodyguards, who is on duty whenever either Sandra or John are not on duty to make it so Katherine has two bodyguards at a time. Short blond hair with blue eyes. Always wears a black suit, black boots, and sunglasses when on duty. She never shows emotion while on duty.

Henry: 38 years old Katherine's uncle on her father's side. Unlike his late brother and his sister in law, he cares for Katherine, and wants the best for her. He is rich (although not as rich as his sister in law and Katherine), but he is very humble, always donating money to worthy causes. He works as Katherine's Chauffeur by his own will so he can have a reason to watch over her. He met Anthony about a week before Katherine met him. Anthony and Henry get along well, and Henry hopes that Anthony will fall in love with and marry Katherine.

Norman: 46 years old. Katherine's butler. He is more like a father to her than her real father was, and always helps her out. He knows martial arts. He wants nothing but happiness for Katherine, and after finding out about her feelings for Anthony, found out more about him, and approves of him.

Jill: 16 years old. Has brunet colored hair and bright blue eyes. A bit of a brave heart she won't let anything deter her from her dream job. She wears mostly the color blue and her favorite outfit is a bright blue tank top with a dark blue skirt that is so dark that people think that it is black blue sneakers. She loves to dance and likes to have fun. Her favotire game is DDR.

Her dream is to become a dancer like ballet, or something like that. She recently met Anthony a month ago, and has developed feeling for him, though he doesn't know that, and in turn he has a bit of a crush on her. She's an only child, so she gets lonely, but Anthony helps solve that by putting his number into her cell, and telling her to call him if she ever feels lonely. She has another hobby, which she keeps to herself, as she's a little embarressed because of it. She's a massive anime fanatic. She lives by herself as her parents had died a year before she met Anthony, leading her to have deperession, but that cleared up mostly after meeting Anthony. She always wears a broken heart necklase that her mother got her for fifthteenth birthday, which is May 30th. She is currently sixteen

She lives in a dirty apartment, which she's doesn't clean due to her depression issue. Her parents lived with her in that appartment until they died. She prefers to go out instead of stay in and cry, but she sleeps alone, and sometimes cries herself to sleep due to being lonely (that is, until she met Anthony, of course). Anthony offen takes her with him when ever he goes out to play at the local arcade. He even bought DDR in order to play with her at his house.

Carol: 24 years old. Has black hair that goes down to her shoulder blades, and blue eyes. She is a police officer. Her uniform consists of a dark blue shirt, a black skirt, black boots with a slight heel, and a pair of black leggings. Tends to be a little short with people, especially because of her large breasts, which cause guys to stare at them quite often.

There is an airship that can only be seen or touched by Anthony or someone with a piece of him inside of them. The airship automatically transports to what ever world that Anthony's main body is in. It is controlled by the program Diva (Digital Interactive Virtual Assistant), which obeys Anthony's will. Diva and all technology on the ship are immune to any outside influences. Diva can reprogram the brains of others to some degree by having electrical charges reprogram their brains, but if they are immune to electricity, then their brains can't be reprogrammed. The stronger the will, or electrical resistance, the more resistance the person who Diva is trying to reprogram has. The reprogramming abilities are memory erasing, fixing altered memories, replacing memories of Anthony's actions with canon ones, sending information, and messing with attraction levels to make people more or less appealing, but unable to alter sexual orientation. Diva can possess one girl at a time, and use her as a host, so that she can interact with the outside world. The ship has a digital viewer function that can make a digitized version of a series that doesn't use screens that Anthony and Anthony alone is the only one other than Diva's digital form that can enter.

If you create a character, then you must give the details about them, such as their appearance and personality.

In this story, you have just finished school for the year.
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