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Sequel to "Body Part Swap !!PLEASE ADD!!" After your son finds it who knows what happens.

Sequel to "Body Part Swap !!PLEASE ADD!!" After your son finds it who knows what happens.

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"Body Part Swap: !!PLEASE ADD!! 18+: While walking home something happens to you allowing you to swap two peoples body parts.


After spending your summer, and part of you school year, swapping people's bodies around, you decide you should make everything right and correct all your swaps and hide the device so no one can use it any more. But after you and your girlfriend Sheila go through school, the two of you get married and have two "wonderful" children named Sean and Taylor. Your son Sean soon after his 16th birthday stumbles across the device you hid and soon figures out what it can do.


Basically the rules are the same as the last story, anything goes, sex is ok, too much gay sex and I'll start deleting, but don't kill any one. You can add new people but they have to be friends of the main characters and a main character (The one controlling the device) has to be in the chapter.
Oh and no ending the story!!!

There are many ways you can swap peoples body parts.

1st Way: Clothes Swapping
By wearing someones clothing you can swap body parts.
Head: Hats, Glasses, Makeup, etc...
Chest and Torso: Shirts, Bras, etc...
Groin: Underwear, Panties, Girls Swimsuit bottoms, etc...
Legs: Pants, Skirts, Dresses, etc...
Feet: Shoes, Socks, etc...


2nd Way: Metal Part Swapping
By just thinking of swapping two peoples body parts it will happen. And
you can take a copy other peoples body parts and add or combine
them with yours.
[Ex.- You can take someones arms and add them under your own.
You can take two girls boobs and have one on top of the other.]
!!NOTE: You do NOT get the second persons original body part but
instead get a clone!!
And you can swap non same parts [Ex.- A penis and a finger,a boob
and a hand or penis,butt cheeks and boobs, ass hole and pussy,legs
and arms,etc...]

With both of these ways you can mix & match people.

3rd Way: Touching body parts swapping
By having bare skin of a part of your body touching, you and someone
else will switch that part.
[Ex.- Bare hands touching = swap,hand in glove and bare hand no

4th Way: Body part morphing
Just think about morphing anyones body part and it happens
Note: You can swap non identical parts with this way.

5th Way: You find a device that can swap body parts.
Ex. On the first chapter of the way.

6th Way: You find SwapMe.com, a website that allows you to swap or morph
body parts of you or other people. More info on first chapter.
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