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  1. just another day at the factory
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a coworker who is a witch turns you into a disposable product that your company makes!
Chapter 1

just another day at the factory

    by: Lumber Panda   More by this author
it was another boring day working at the factory and you had a pretty damn boring and mind numbing job. You, James, were a product inspector of sorts and were going around to the different parts of the facility inspecting various machines and products to make sure they were functioning and being produced correctly respectively. oh, you didn't design any of these machines nor the actually products as you were no engineer but you knew them like the back of your hand. I guess you could say you were more so a quality control inspector. as such, it wasn't unusual for you to inspect some of the female coworkers. You tried your hardest to be discreet but you had been caught a number of times with a few of them complaining to your supervisor, Susan. Susan was quite a piece to look at well and you often got away with looking at her, especially her sweet voluptuous ass.

Susan it seemed, had it out for you though. Why, just yesterday she called you into her office and flat out told you that if she got one more complaint or more specifically caught you looking at her ass one more time that there would be hell to pay! you could only assume she meant you would be fired and went home that night thinking about the situation you had gotten yourself into. in fact you thought about it so much that you hardly got any sleep that night and came into work the next day in quite a daze. you did your best to concentrate on your tasks at hand but you kept zoning out. you were tired and the coffee you kept throwing back did nothing. the loud hum of the machines was nothing but white noise to you now and the products zooming by on the conveyor belts were merely a blur. you weren't even paying attention at this point and were just starring out into space in a trance like state.

Suddenly, you were brought back into reality as someone was screaming at you. you shook your head and blinked your eyes for second to readjust to reality when you realized who it was. Your boss, Susan was screaming at you. "James, what the fuck did we just talk about yesterday?!" to which you stuttered "I...I...I...I...dunno Susan i'm sorry i'm just not with it today..." There were people starring at the two of you from all around now. Susan simply stated "James, I need to see you in my office...NOW!" you think you replied with a "yes mam!" but you were so scared at this point that your not even sure. You tried not to make the situation worse so instead of following her you walked next to her back to her office.

"James, listen...with all the complaints I've getting lately I'm afraid we're going to have to terminate you. after I caught you starring at my ass AGAIN today after that talk we had yesterday I feel as though we've run out of way to prevent this." Said Susan. "I...I...I...i'm sorry I didn't mean...." stuttered james before being cut off by Susan. "I feel that we and more specifically I have been very patient with you but you went to far this time. your work has been steadily declining and as such I feel I must teach you a lesson...." "uhh...a what?!" you said surprised. "you heard me! see, here's the thing, i'm a witch and beleive it or not I have the capability of casting spells and transforming people and things. I don't use these powers often as they are physically very straining but I feel I must in this instance. that said, I feel you might still be of some use to us..." said Susan. "No, now wait a minute! you're joking ri-" but you were cut off as Susan began chanting. suddenly a bright flash engulfed you and Susan and your surrounding of her office vanished!

when you came to, you felt like you were light as a feather as you felt weightless as if you were a cloud. But next thing you know you were compacted as you found yourself on a conveyor belt being flattened by a press and then sent through wringers! wait a minute! what the fuck was going on! you were on one of the machines but you knew which machine this was! that Witch was having you turned into a...
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