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a coworker who is a witch turns you into a disposable product that your company makes!
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Chapter 2


    by: Lillyhammer   More by this author
You continued on through the machinery - your body now nothing more than the absorbent core of a maxi pad! Soon enough you were sent through another set of rollers where your body was joined by a plastic backing and adhesive. Further down the conveyer belt a set of “wings” made of plastic and a cloth like material were stitched to your sides. You’re traveling at incredible speed now - winding this at and that way before the wings are folded in on top of you, slightly obscuring your vision - the pad lands on top of a pink wrapper where it is then folded inward like a letter, before being taped shut! Now you really can’t see! The pad is deposited into a dispenser like chute with other pads before being shoved into a plastic package labeled with the company’s brand and the words “extra thick - for maximum protection” that is then sealed before dropping into another box!

At the point the movement has all but stopped. As the box is temporally stored at the factory. The question is where do you end up after this?
Where will this interactive story go?

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