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a coworker who is a witch turns you into a disposable product that your company makes!
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Chapter 3

An all girl school

    by: Pinetree   More by this author
You feel your body constantly rumbling in the back of wherever you are barely being able to hear where they said you are. You begin to doze off and you do. When you wake up you see you are on a girl going down the hall of a unfamiliar building. The floor appears to be polished marble and the walls are a very light pink that is almost white but not. You come to a stop as you hear the person pushing you and your cart through the door. You look around and see a mirror on the wall as well as a row of sinks on both sides On the right is a row of stalls lining both walls. On the wall to your left appears to be a dispenser you aren’t able to tell what it has though and as you are figuring it out your body is lifted into a stall. You notice that there is a small metal box with a brown paper bag in it and a porcelain toilet. You look and notice that the device next to the little metal box is empty. You wonder what goes in there but you realize what’s happening. You are in a girls bathroom! You try not to panic as you are forced into the machine and locked up in there. As you are sitting there waiting for your demise you hear a few girly voices. You see one of them standing outside the stall about to go. How old is the girl?
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