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Head Swapping Fun.

Head Swapping Fun.

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August 15 2016: 1500 chapters!

June 5 2015 EDIT: Now with over a thousand chapters!

June 1 2015 EDIT: Now a dayaman story! Selina Kyle/Liara T'Soni/saracen1187/AsariGoddess/Triss/Yennefer of Vengerberg/Aloy transferred it to me!

You are a teenage boy called Steven, who is told in a dream on the night of his 16th birthday that you now have the ability to swap your head with anyone else's, and you can also swap other people's heads around. All you have to do is lift them off their respective bodies and switch them around.

Alternatively, you find that you can exchange heads with people without physically touching them, all you have to do is to focus on the person you wish to swap with. And if the swap occurs in this manner, the other person is oblivious to what has happened and thinks that they've have always your body.

Below are the main characters:

Steven (You) A 5'10", 16-year old with short brown hair, wears glasses, has a few friends but is the mainly stay-at-home type, has never had a girlfriend.

Olivia (Mom) Your mom is, 5'6", 41 years old and has managed to keep in shape, has a job as a secretary at a legal firm, has shoulder-length grown hair, 36D breasts.

Thomas (Dad) Your dad is 6', 44 years old, short hair which is brown/grey, drinks quite a bit of beer and has the gut to prove it.

Natalie (Sister) She is 5'4", 21 years old, has long dyed black hair similar to Ashlee Simpson, and 34C breasts, nice ass and shapely legs.

Robert (Your brother) He is 6'1", 23 years old, has dyed short blonde hair, a goatee, and has a girlfriend called Samantha.

Jessica (Your little sister) She is 4'10", 11 years old, has long brown hair same color as yours, nearly always in a ponytail.

Samantha (Robert's girlfriend) She is 5'6", 19 years old, has shoulder-length blonde hair and 36D breasts, sexy body.

Liz (Neighbor) She is 5'4", 26 years old, has brown hair just past her shoulders, always in a ponytail except at home, has large 34DD breasts, and an average body.

Amanda (Friend) She is 5'5", 21 years old, has long fair hair that she likes to wear down, and has D-cup breasts.

Mike (Neighbor) He is 6'2", 26 years old, and very muscular.

Michelle (Mike's girlfriend) She is 5'6", 25 years old, has light brown hair that is not too long or too short, and has nice breasts.

Claire (Liz's friend) She is 5'10", 26 years old, very slender, has brown-black hair, wears glasses and has small breasts.

Ms. Caldwell (Neighbor) She is 5'11", 39 years old, African-American, divorced mother with two daughters, and has big-but-not-noticeable breasts.

Emily (Neighbor) She is 5'5", 21 years old, an attractive brunette with 34C breasts and a gorgeous body.

Allie (Classmate) She is 5'7", 18 years old, cheerleader, has long tan legs, shapely butt, large breasts, and is fit and in shape.

Mark (Allie's boyfriend) He is 6'3", 18 years old, star muscular football player.
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