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Chapter 27

Ash Ketchum, the Crossdresser

"Mismagius: the Magical Pokemon. Mismagius chants incantations, and while some cause misery, some give happiness as well."

A purple, robe-like shadow floated above the makeshift camp formed by Ash and his friends, having noticed their campfire, unseen by any of them. Many saw Mismagius as a sinister Pokemon, due to it's pure Ghost-type. But some weren't malevolent; just playful. And this was one of them.

The witch-like creature watched as the group, consisting of two boys, a girl and a Pikachu, got up and headed to their respective tents. The taller boy looked over at his two friends.

"Ash, Dawn, you guys go to bed. I'm gonna put out this fire; we don't want to attract any wild Pokemon in the night."

Mismagius silently chuckled at this. Too late, it thought to itself. After watching the group, it floated over to one tent, close enough to here what was happening, but not enough to give itself away. A yawn was fairly audible.

"Boy, Pikachu, I'm beat!" It was the second boy's tent. Mismagius waited until it was certain the two of them were asleep, before poking it's head inside. It floated over to the boy and giggled. Her mouth opened and a lilac coloured powder drifted from it, over the boys body, before dissipating. At this, Mismagius left. She couldn't wait to see the boy's reaction in the morning!

The next morning, Ash awoke and stretched. He had a really wierd dream last night... like something was in his tent with him and Pikachu, and that something happened. "Eh... not important." he dismissed it. He looked around; Pikachu must've already gotten up, as his spot was empty.

Ash stripped of his pyjamas, and pulled on his usual outfit: his white t-shirt, his black and yellow waistcoat, his blue cargo pants, his red shoes, his dark gloves and his prized hat.

As Ash began to leave his tent, he failed to notice the changes happening to his outfit. His cargo pants tightened and shortened, become a pair of denim short-shorts. His waistcoat opened by itself and split down the back, becoming two parts and shrinking down into a pair of red suspenders that went over Ash's shoulders. His white t-shirt's sleeves vanished and it slowly shrank until it exposed his midriff and turned yellow, becoming a crop top. His shoes changed as well, becoming a pair of red and white girl's sneakers. Finally, his hat became a small blue hairtie, and it pulled his unkempt black hair into a side ponytail, which was far longer than it should be regarding his hair's length. Ash's outfit and hairstyle not resembled that of his old friend, Misty of the Celadon Gym.

Ash, completely oblivious to the change, exited his tent and looked around. He spotted a small note on the ground:

"Dear Ash,

Gone to town to get supplies. Dawn is at stream, getting washed with Pikachu. See you when I get back.


Ash nodded and crumpled up his note. He decided to wait until one of them came back, and sat near their extinguished campfire.
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