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  1. Goodbye cruel world!
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Possess people's clothes, and then possess THEM!
Chapter #1

Goodbye cruel world!

    by: Wolfwriter
Just another day of total and utter boredom at your college resulted in you having a very bad mood when you get out of school, and you don't care about anyone but yourself now. You walk down the road with a big frown on your face, giving everyone that comes too close an angry stare. You manage to create a small area around you because the people around you prefer to evade you. Eventually you get lost in thoughts, and you bump into a boy from college. You recognize his muscular body, and you know it's Burt. You sigh. "Ah well, already had a bad day, might just as well have a disastrous day", you whisper to yourself. "HEY!", Burt yells, "Watch out where the hell you're walking, you nerd!". "Shut up, Burt!", you yell back, "And get lost, you pile of pus!". Normally you wouldn't yell that way at Burt, because you know he'd beat you up if you did it. Right now, realisation is dawning, as Burt raises a giant fist and points it towards your head. "That was your last mistake, twerp!", he roars, "Now I'm going to take care of you for once and for all!" You realize that he's about to hit you, and you duck, evading his fist. While ducking, you turn around on your feet, and you run away real fast. Since you were on the college track team as the second best, you manage to outrun him. After 10 minutes of running, you hear engine sounds. "Oh shit!", you think, when you remember that Burt had a scooter. You take a quick look behind while you keep running, and that view confirms your fears. Burt and three of his scooter/equipped friends are chasing after you, and they are catching up with you real fast. Finally, two of them manage to do a pincer move, riding from the left and right to a V-shaped form in front of you, stopping you from running further. Then Burt and his other friend complete the circle by making another V-shape behind you. Burt gets off his bike, and you kick his shin in a reflex move when he approaches. He lets out a sharp "YOW!" and then proceeds with grabbing your neck. He's immensely srong, and you feel that you get trouble breathing after just seconds have passed. After ten minutes you are nearly suffocated, and that's when he breaks your neck. You awake, watching your body being discovered by a passer-by, who called the police and had Burt arrested. But first of all, do you learn of your power right away?
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