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  1. A secret revealed
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anthropomorphic creatures appear on your farm at night.
Chapter 1

A secret revealed

    by: shadowfire   More by this author
You are walking back to your house after a hard days work on the farm and you are looking forward to having a well earned rest, as you walk past the large field next your house you see what looks like a person walking into the main barn but from this distance there is something odd about there appearance.

Since they are on your property you decide to go and investigate the barn, you walk across the field and you slowly open the door and creep into the barn, to your surprise there isn’t a single person in sight.

You look around the barn and find no body hiding anywhere as you turn to leave you hear a soft female voice speak from behind you.

“Well hello...it’s about time you got here”.

You turn around and you freeze in shock standing in front of you is a creature that looks like a cross between a human and an animal and you realize which animal it is.
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You now have these choices:

1.   Bella your chestnut mare

2.   Bessie your dairy cow

3.   Millie your sheep dog

4.   Other

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