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by Blake
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Alternative story where happened other events at other times. What would have happened if?

Alternative story where happened other events at other times. What would have happened if?

This is an interactive story containing 110 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
[UPDATE: Ok, I've found that this my second most viewed story after the original one, so, I'll compensate you guys, I have a bit of free time and I'll add to this story too. Though, Please check out the X series, maybe has less GTS content but it has more story and honestly I've worked hard on that one, c'mon, it's even outgrown the first story, which none of the sequels nor the alternate one have done so far

Also, check my friend Luigi P's forum: http://www.writing.com/main/forums/item_id/1413314-Gentle-Giantesses

I'll be adding some things there soon, and I may need your opinions]

Well, if you don't know the characters of this story, check the original version: http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1478179 (I'm rewarding additions)

Let's get started. This story happens mostly BEFORE the events of "Shrunk with your Girlfriend and has no relation with this story, it's like an alternative dimension. These are the characters.

Blake: Tall and strong latino boy (black wavy hair, which is kinda long and black eyes). He used to fight a lot at school (only fought bullies who threatened him, his friends or Joana) By the way, He's very smart and even gets high notes without studying for exams, just bad in Math and Physics (number things). His age may vary between 12-16 years old. Tanned skin and muscular body due to fighting and playing soccer.

Joana: Very beautiful girl (dark brown long wavy hair, hazel eyes,D-cup boobs and big ass). She loves Blake since 7th grade when they met. She is his best friend and is the one who almost always stays with Blake and heals his fight wounds. She is not his girlfriend yet, until he's 16. She's a year older than him and her age may vary from 13-17 years.

Secondary Characters:

Karina: A good friend of Blake (later Joana's also), she's cute but isn't Blake's type. Blonde with green eyes and short hair. She's Ayrton's girlfriend. Thinner body than Joana (B-Cups and smaller hips, green eyes)

Cinthya: Beautiful and very popular latin girl who wanted Blake for herself and almost did it until Joana appeared. Her feelings toward Blake now may go from still wanting him for her to hating him (she hates more to Joana). She has black hair,dark brown eyes, small boobs and a nice butt. She's a year older than Joana (2 years older than Blake).

Claire: Blake's friend since 3th year, second longest since Karina. the only one who could rival Joana. C-Cup breasts and a big butt (slightly smaller than Joana's, still better than Cinthya's). She has Asian-like black eyes which look very sensual.

Though Joana's thighs are thicker, Claire's seem slightly thinner and longer. She has black straight hair worn as a ponytail. She hugs and kisses Blake (in cheek) more often than Karina, causing Joana to be jealous of her. She also seems to be jealous of Joana as she spends very much time with Blake (almost same as herself, but she knows him from longer)

Her feelings to Blake have never been clear as she acted as protective as Joana in the time they didn't know each other. Some times it seems Joana wants to just kill her (And Blake has to appear to prevent it)

She's very likely to help and taking care of Blake, but due to her relationship with Joana, it's not very probable she'd give him to her.

Ayrton: Blake's second best friend. Short and tanned. He fights along Blake sometimes but he really isn't a fighter, just an average guy.

Ferdinand: Some sort of mixure between a goth and a nerd (He has practically the same intelligence level as Blake but he's better in Math and Physics while he's better than him in the rest of subjects). He's Blake's third best friend. And is stupidly in love of Cinthya (Physic: a bit shorter than you,thin,dark brown curly hair).

Lillian: A Joana's, Blake's and Ayrton's friend. She seems to have a crush on Blake and Ayrton but hides it because of Joana and Karina. She's the tallest girl with long black hair, small but round breasts and a HUGE ass. Dark brown eyes

Karen: Nerd/Geek girl. Cinthya's friend and accomplice. she hasn't practically own will and does every thing that Cinthya tells her to. (red hair, blue eyes, small breasts and a very big butt. She's not really pretty because she's flabby and a bit fat)

Thania: Average popular girl, Cinthya's friends but she's the least evil one. She seems to have a crush on Blake but she respected Joana since she had known Blake more time than her (light brown wavy hair and not-so-curvy body, like Karina, and Thania's shorter, hazel eyes darker than Joana's).

Blaze: Character made by teniko. Weird long white haired boy who has monster fighting abilities and probably would overwhelm Blake in battle (except in 7th). He could appear only to make Joana grow or shrink Blake

-No gay/lesbian stuff
-Joana's not evil.Even if she turns into a giantess. Unless in most lines. I'll leave some to an evil Joana story. Most likely would be an exaggerate love. (the younger she is the more she will be)
-No parents
-If it's about ass just butt cheeks.
-Feet are ok but Blake doesn't like them more than an average boy.
-Other characters are free and could do whatever, no matter how crazy it would be.

Please add and enjoy!
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