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by Puffy
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This interactive story is about Georgette the poodle from the Disney movie Oliver&Company
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Chapter #2

Party Time!!!

    by: Puffy
Jenny along with Georgette and Oliver were attending one of her school friend's birthday parties in Central Park that afternoon.Georgette and Oliver of course brought along their appetites for they anticipated plenty of 'free samples" of food courtesy of the kids who always love it whenever Jenny brought them with her to a gathering.They mainly stayed off to the side while the children played and the adults talked amongst themselves.This being a child's party though it wasn't long before the attention of the children shifted to them and they were up to their heads in head rubs and comments of "Cute!" "Adorable!!" and "Fluffy!!!" ....and food. Whatever pieces of cake, sandwiches, candy(none of which was chocolate), and ice cream the children could sneak past their parents they generously gave to their four-legged guests until an adult called out "Time for cake kids!!!" at which point everybody gethered by the head dining room table where the birthday cake was.

"Urp!! boy I've never eaten so much ever" Oliver moaned lying on his belly which was nearly five times its normal size. "But those peanut butter crunchies were just perfect..*burp* don't you think so Miss Georgette?" Georgette lay on her, rubbing her own tummy that was ten times bigger than normal "Awwwwww yes,...the egg salad sandwiches were especially delicious...all thirty of them "URRRRRPPP!!!!!!" oops parden me" she added with a blush. "Anyways...what do you say we have have some fun while they're preoccupied with their cake" she said as she got up and stretched a bit. "Have fun with what?" Oliver asked uncertain what she was refering to. "Oh you'll see soon enough...now come on while it's only us!" with that she grabbed the portly kitten back of his neck and carried him over the gift table. Once there they decided to...

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1. Try and get more food to eat

2. See what's in one of the presents

3. Something else.

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