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by Axel
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Thanks to an experiment, you can control the minds of others.

Thanks to an experiment, you can control the minds of others.

This is an interactive story containing 473 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is an interactive story about mind control. You can add whatever you want as long as it uses correct grammar and is longer than three sentences. Below are the characters in the story. You are allowed to add in characters whenever you feel appropriate.
Jamie (You): You are Jamie, a seventeen year-old high school student who gains that ability to control other people's minds. You are adopted, but couldn't think of any family other than your own. You're semi-popular in school, and have the smarts to over-come situations. The only flaw that you have is that you're pretty perverted, but usualy manage to hide it well.

George (Dad, 47): Your dad is prettmuch an average Joe. He's a white, sub-urban father, with brown bnut slightly graying hair. He's in average shape, pretty laid-back, and enjoys sitting on the couch with a beer and watching football. He's a stockbroker.

Sharon (Mom, 44): Your mom is a blonde lawyer, with brown eyes, bouncey shoulder length hair, and a suprisingly youthful face. She gets over-protective sometimes, but you just shrug her off. Her tall figure is pretty good, considering that she's had three kids.

Butch (Brother, 20): Butch is a big guy, with an athletic build and a bad-guy smile. He has short brown hair. Butch can be a funny guy, but sometimes he takes it a little too far.

Liz(Sister, 18): Liz is your sister, with long blonde lockes, and a face resembling your mother's. She had C-Cup breasts, and is pretty popular in school. If only she wasn't such a bitch.

Michelle (Sister, 15): A bit quirky, but fun all the same, your younger sister, Michelle, tries to keep everyone together. Her long, brown hair is almost always in a ponytail, and her green eyes seem to glow on her slightly freckled face. The two of your tend to watch each other's backs.

Dane O'Donnel (Friend, 17): Dane is one of your best friends, and a tall, lanky goon. The black mop of hair on his hair hides his eyes most of the time. He's also high on something most of the time.

June Terada (Friend, 16): June is another one of your best friends. She is a petite asian girl, and who always keeps yourself and Dane in line. She usually wears glasses, and has her jet black hair tied in a spikey bun, with her bangs dyed pink. She has to be one of the smartest people you've ever met.

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