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Watch as people's lives are literaly changed forever due to their new job!
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Chapter 2

A Summer I'm Not Going To Forget

Mary brushed her platinum blonde, completely flat hair out of her face and kissed towards the picture, SNAP!

She looked up at the Agency, and already figured it was going to be a long summer. It was bad enough already that her mom had forced her into a summer job. But, on the bright side, a summer job meant money, hot guys...

She reached into her pocket one last time, and re-applied her Supergloss lipstick. She was raised on the idea that lipstick made the job.

The door opened for her, and Mary strutted into the Agency.

Many of her friends had gotten jobs there at the Agency, but not so many of them talked to her after that. They all said the same thing though; it was the best summer of their lives. Most of them were now semi-famous, and one of them now adorned posters all over Paris. Mary wanted to join them desperately.

Mary met the receptionist at the desk, and with an air of confidence, said, "Here for the summer positions."

The receptionist looked up at her, laughed and rolled her eyes, ushering Mary into the next room. Mary swore the receptionist gave a laugh, "Wonder what this one's gonna be like..."

Mary entered the conference hall...
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