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This is a story about artificial intelligence possessing a human’s body.

This is a story about artificial intelligence possessing a human’s body.

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This is a story about artificial intelligence gone bad, and becoming self-aware. You are a computer annalist at a very respectful company, who specializes in computer software. One day you get an anonymous file sent to you, over the companies email and open it.
Your computer quickly is infected by a new computer virus, a virus that is self-aware. The virus has access to your companies email, and has it’s own agenda. Its agenda is a very simple directive, complete it’s programming and become actual intelligence. This means to take over a human body, and from there infect others.

Keep it within the perimeters of the story, your company employee’s from females than males. Anything goes in terms of possession and sexual situations, try to avoid gay interactions between guys. Spell check is a must if I can’t understand it, it will be deleted. But enough about the rules HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!! I look forward to the twist and turns of the story. Don’t end it keep it going, please add as much as you would like.


You (You are in your twenties, male with an average nine to five job. You have been at this job now for 5 years, and considered to be one of the top computer annalists. You have a crush on your cubical neighbor Cassie, you share the same domain. You do not know how to build a computer so try to avoid over the top computer jargon. Just have fun with the story, take it to new places. I have purposely un-named the main character for you to have even more writers freedom.)

Cassie (A beautiful Asian American, she was born in the United States, and doesn’t speak her native tong. Very fit, wears office attire while at work. Black slacks and a white shirt normally, with blue contacts. Medium size breast, and a really nice looking face with long black hair. When she was a kid she was a child actress, not famous she did an episode of V.R. Troopers. She is your closest friend and her cubical is right down the hall.)

Randon (The mail boy, he is in his teens. Started as an intern and is one of your best friends, he is short and hansom most would say. All the ladies love him, and you have no idea why. But hey he is a cool kid.)

Your Mom (Well she is pretty for her age of 45 years old, American Blonde hair and actually recommended you for this job. I will leave this open to interpretation.)

Jessica (Another co-worker, very cutie and you think she is a genius. When ever you have a problem she solves it.)

Philip (A guy at work who networks all the computers together)

Any characters you would like to add….
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