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some villains and heroes I made up. still creating (I have a HUGE amagenation. Enjoy

some villains and heroes I made up. still creating (I have a HUGE amagenation. Enjoy

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This story contains violance and drugs and bad language and gore.

this is my first story so go easy on me.
I thought I covered this before but it seames that someone did not get it so I will say it plain and simple. I can not spell to save my life so I will use spell check in the story, and there are gramer mistakes in the introduction becous I rush threw this part. do not judge this storys quality based on the introduction yet. I still have a lot to add to it and will fix it up when I am done. If you do not have anything nice to say do not say anything at all and do not ruin the story for everyone els by giveing bad ratings, espeshaly before the work is done.


power, shapeshifter
able to twist and forme his body to look like any one and any thing as long is it has the same mass. A bit of a joker and a great acter.

weakness,s he is always made of soft flesh regardless of what he terns into and can get cocky.
Age 27
history, unknowen
birthplace, unknown
power, telaporter
able to fade out of site like a ghost and apear anywhere she thinks about within 1 mile. She has a bipoler nater.

weakness,s if something ocupies the space she is trying to go it becomes a part of her for 1 day before her body can fade it out.
age(Acording to her) 20 (but she looks aboyt) 30
history,A former cop till she lost her partner.
birthplace, New York
power, able to grow herself to 50 feet tall and shrink to 5 inches
A kind persanality and a deep love of small fluffy things, children,and icecream. but somhow is not fat.

Weakness,s once she changes size she needs time to recharge before she can do it again
age 22
histery, she was a preschool teacher but left it for superhero work when she first used her poweres as a reflex to save the children from a giant monster attack.
birthplace, Florda
power, pyropath
a real hot head and show off he dose not hide his alter ego which cost him all his friends and family.
weakness,s, water
age 19
histery. do to the fact he dose not hide who he is(Jack Hanger) he lost everyone in his life to the super villain Malice.
birthplace, Texas
powers, super strangth, phase threw objects.
a Mosean born from joy she is always in a good mood and can keep a clear head no mater how bad things got. She comes off as anoying to her fellow heroes. She is always out there helping others and stoping crime
birthplace, None
Powers, he can cover his hands with a glowing red energy and when he hits something it blast an exploshan in the derection of the target.
dose not talk mutch so no one knows anything about him.
Power, creates portals to any part ot the world he is on
The team leader Worp is a X-S.W.A.T. leader but was given the offer to be the leader of a team of super heroes gathering together. He was all to happy to except.
Weakness, he can't close his portals verry fast so things tend to get threw.

power, Inmortality, ESP,telakaneesis, mastery of all fighting styles.
haveing eaten a frute of inmortality from the garden of Eden before the flood Malice has lived for countlass years and has long since forgoten his own name. He was charged as a wich in 1542 but since they cold not kill him he was burried alive in a stone cofen and there he stade till 1959 when a construction crew found him. Needles to say this time to himself drove him insane and gave him plenty of time to think and in time gave him some mintal powers. He is obsesed with death and spreades as much of it as he can
weakness,s clostraphobia
mintal stability, criminaly insane
minnions,the insane and distructive
threat level 10/10
powers, all he needs to do is look at something or think of what he wants something to do and he can know how to make it. he can als controal any divice so long as its on.
he creates robots to do his bidding called clockwork men and always seems to be 10 steps ahead
weakness,s nature
minnions, clockwork men
threat level 9/10
power, able to fuse himself with any elament or creature he can make contact with
he is a goon for hire selling his serveses to the highest bidder
weakness,s if he absorbes to much he becomes unstable
threat level 5/10
Jill colles.
a master of the dark arts and a spoiled brat she is always trying to get close to Malice regardless of how much he hates her, she dose not like him she just wants his inmortality but is powerles to take it while he keeps his distance.
Weakness,s anything to do with God
minnions, Zombies, ghost
threal level 6/10
Emily(Not her real name but she uses it becous no one on earth can pronounce her real name)
powers, able to alter reality.
no one knows where she came from she has the mind of a child and dose whatever amuses her.
weakness. shes not to bright.
minnions, giant liveing toys.
thret level 7/10
the dark distroyer
powers, none
A real joke he can never do anything right yet insists that he is the greatest and most powerfull villain of all. he works alone and has only ever gone to jail for disterbing the pease as he is to incompatent to pull off any of the crimes he trys. he is unarmed and has a deep fear of the dark
weakness,s,...do you need to ask?
minnions, none
threat level 0/10
power, he can actavate the plesher louve of the brain.
As a living drug Nick uses junkys to steal for him. They will do anything for him to use his powers on them,
minnions, junkys
threat level 8/10
Powers,super strangth,phase threw objects, heals and gets streangth from negative energy.
A Mosean born from lonlynes he is among the most powerfull of his kind do to the potancy of the energy he was born from. unlike the other Moseans he can absorb negative energy from bad emotions to heal himself and get stronger. he is fixated on makeing others as miserable as he is by takeing what they love most in this world from them. He has been known to team with Malice every now and again just for the killings.
weakness,s if he has no bad emotions to feed on he gets weaker.
threat level 4/10 unles in new york then its 7/10
Captain Cole.
powers, can't die, fly, fade out, phase threw objects, controal of water. calling on the ghost of those who are dead,
A Ghost who died at sea, Cole is the most powerfull ghost known of. Most ghost only take the form of shadows, transparent vershans of themselves, or can't be seen at all. But Captain cole has the power to take on a physical form. Cole has an army of ghost at his comand and some of the liveing that work for him so they will come back as ghost sence he brings them back. He is more powerfull in physical form but volnerable to attack(If cutt in physical form he bleeds water) but to long in ghost form and he is draged back to his watery grave sence ghost haunt the place they died. Cole is always looking for ancent treshers which is what brings him into conflict with heroes and villains. When two pices were found by heroes they found that the treshers fit together like puzzle pices. Many have argued about rather or not to just give him what he wants between the to theeries that if he gets them all he wold rest in peace, or become more powerfull. Do to his being unafected by Holly things it is clear that what keeps him on this earth is not demonick in nature.

When someone dies feeling 1 fixated, powerfull emotion there the energy given off gives birth to these beings. they look human but they all have super strangth and can tern ghost like to phase threw solid objects. They can only ever feel what emotion they are born from at all times. if they are born from a posative emotion there is nothing to wory about but if they are born from something negative they are known to be prone to violance without provoction. 1 strange thing about this race that stricks most as odd is that they all take the word of there birth energy as there names. like Joy, or Alone.
A half human half animal race that rarely venture from there terratory. There planet Mars has long been distroyed by there mistakes with palution they tunneled out and colanized the inside of moons and uninhabited planets. they are verry untrusting of strangers but extreamly friendly when there trust is earned. They collect knoledge and resorses from all over the galaxy so they are a prime target for invaders that force thim time and time again to inlist the help of heroes and villains to help them.
In this world evalution was scientifacly dispruoven long ago. That the body can change to adjust to its inviermant but stops at a point. Mutants get there powers my enjesting a rare and dangeras substance called Baktoneam-X that will give powers to the one that drinks any depending on the way there body has adjusted to its inviermant. for example before he got his powers Nova worked in his fathers steal mill so his body was exposed to high levels of heat every work day. Baktoneam-X also terns those that drink it into a sepret groop of mutants called shadow dwelers. they are mutated to extream diformatys, there powers are averadge.
A race of war, oger like beings they go from world to world sucking them dry off all resorses and inslaveing and eating the inhabatence.

A type of hard to come by drug that was made as a bio weapon. It is more potent then any other drug giveing the user a hour long trip of pleasher and one wiled ride. the main problam with this stuff is if a user dies at any time after use they get back up with a craving for flesh. Giving it its name Z for zombie. Z is a typ of fungas in pill form it will spread threw the body and atatch itself to everything and start growing and spreading. once it has covered the intier blood stream is starts cloting which kills the victam. the fungas in the brain blocks the blood stream in the head from the rest of the body. when mixed with the brain juces the fungas praduces the oxygen and notrishan and energy to keep the brain alive, while the fungas in the rest of the body only praduse energy. for the musals so the unsastained parts start to decompose including the outer flesh. The victams sastain masive brain damage makeing them un interagent and the fungas that gets in the eyes gives them a look of glowing yellow eyes in the dark. the fungas grows espeshaly fast in the mouth or if trancferd into a host threw a mouth do to the bacterea and inzymes in it. In drug form its in a capsal so it dose not tutch the mouth.
A rare and hily dangeras mutagenic substance that when injested makes its way into the blood and start reworking your DNA. the body changes as life gose on and the body ajusts to your enviernmant. Baktoneam-X changes the body depending on those changes. some just get super powers but 75% of those that injest this substance take intence body reconstruction makeing them look like grotes monsters that call themselves Shadow dwelers becous they only come out at night and stay in dark hidden places at day like tunels.
keep it pg13

This will be like episodes. The story will start with
Episode #
(Title based on the story)
then the story itself, then a new story after. there can be diferant ways to go in the story but do not branch a episode becous when a episode is done I will take all the chapters that make up its body and get it all into 1 page. That way we will have room for more episodes in the future, credit will still be given to all who add the parts of the episodes. I have not yet added all the heroes and villains in my head but will in time. Sometimes the villains will win just to make things interesting. nothing story changing of corse.
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