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A story about a boy who's suddenly given the power to shapeshift.

A story about a boy who's suddenly given the power to shapeshift.

This is an interactive story containing 8 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You are Max Barron, an average 16-year old with a not so average desire: the ability to change shape. You have been unhappy with the fact that you can't change your body. Not that you're ugly, not at all. You've got short, messy brown hair, and your eyes are sky blue. You're an average Joe, with a length of 1.80 meters you are pretty tall, and you weigh 75 Kg. Combined with your toned body from years of Kung Fu, that makes you a healthy boy. The one thing you hate though, is that you aren't free to experiment, to live life as someone else, to see how a goatee would look on your chin without letting the hair grow for months. You pretty much hate the fact that you can't hack life. Or can you?


-Davy: your 8-year old brother. He's cute, and gets along with you very well. Although sometimes he annoys you by sneaking into your room and changing your signature to something girly, you love him.

-Kara: your 12-year old sister. She's already quite handsome, and likes to experiment with clothing a lot. She just left the Birckenstock phase, and is now experimenting with kneehigh, skintight leather boots with a basic heel. So far she seems to like it, though there's no telling what she'll like next month.

Helen: your 18-year old sister. She likes you most of the time, but isn't always easy to live with. Likes to dress sexy, with a lot of (mini)skirts, high heeled boots and tops.

Jill: Your mother, she's 40 years old and a real optimist, always seeing the silver lining on the dark stormclouds. She's a work-at-home interior designer and housewife.

Matt: your father, he's 45 years old. He works in the Marine Corps Base Quantico (information found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_Corps_Base_Quantico) as a trainer for the young, soon-to-be Marine officers, after being in the field himself for over 20 years.

Other people:

-Elisabeth Winninger: a popular 16-year old girl, with long, brown hair and large, C-cup breasts. She's slim and hot, and she knows it.

-Joe Purdell: one of the school bullies. He's a corn-fed, beef-stuffed, farm-bred behemoth: six-feet-and-four-inches of fat and muscle, most of it between his ears. Ugly, too, but he's strong and he's on the football team, so the girls flutter around him.

-Karl Anderson: a creepy, nerdy boy.

-Quincy Brown: An unusually silent boy at first, he changed much after you befriended him in your freshman year. He used to be very meek, a true 'turn-the-other-cheek'-person until you and Jeremy managed to convince him to join your Kung Fu group. He quickly became an adept at it, and now rivals you and Jeremy in skill despite you both having been on the group for almost six times longer than him. Like Jeremy, he's a true friend that would go through fire for you.

-Jeremy Timber: your other best friend. Jeremy was the one who got you into Kung Fu, and you're still grateful for that. A little bit perverted and very crazy, he's a very likable person, quick to make friends everywhere.


I want everybody to write good chapters, ten sentences at the very, very least. If you write chapters like "You turn into Elisabeth Winninger. You feel good. What do you do now?" I will delete the chapter.

Feel free to add characters as the story progresses, but NO new powers. Try to go easy on adding new family members as well, the parents are no baby-making machines.

Have fun!
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