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  1. And it begins...
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You acquire a size-changing gun, starting a wild journey~
Chapter 1

And it begins...

    by: Ducttape Knight   More by this author
It's the first day of your 3rd year, and it's already going wrong. Through a mix-up in the universities computer system, you got put in Mr. Wexler's Advanced Physics class, and you're not even a science major! So here you are, outside his laboratory door to have him sign your slip allowing you to drop his class, and then hope you can get into that drama class some of your friends are taking for the easy credits. You knock, but there's no answer. You can tell he's in there though by the sound of stuff moving around, and the flashing of the lights. Your cousin Jean had him a few years ago when she went to old BU, and she said he was absentminded as all hell and you should just walk in when you went to see him.

So after a few knocks with no answer, you finally open the door. "Mr. Wexler?" you say trepidatiously, as you slowly walk into his lab. The short bald man looks up and glances at you quickly through his thick spectacles before just as quickly looking back down at his work.

"What do you want? And don't touch anything!" he announces just as quickly. You walk in and go to stand beside him, explaining your situation. "Ok, hold on a minute and I'll sign your slip. I've nearly completed a device that will forever change our world!" You think for a second that he nearly sounds like a maniac, but its probably best not to mention that to him before he signs the slip. Or maybe at all.

You're waiting there for nearly 20 minutes shuffling your feet as he finally finishes his device, which looks like a kind of advanced pistol. You can't imagine what all those dials and switches could be for. He closes a cover on it and picks it up, brandishing it like a gun. He looks and over at a hawk he has on a stand in the corner, aims, and fires at the bird. A dim ray of light shoots out of it and hits the bird, growing it to double its previous size. Your jaw drops, and the bird looks slightly confused, as it jumps off and flies over and lands on a desk. Wexler turns back around and says "There, now I can show all those people that tried to get rid of me that I am important!"

There's no mistaking that he is actually insane at this point. And then he notices you, standing there mouth agape. "Oh dear, I forgot you were there. Now that you have witnessed my invention I can't have you warning anyone about this." He adjusts the device, points it at you, and says "Goodbye!"

You duck just in time between the lab tables, and see a dim ray cut through the air above you. Then just as suddenly another ray goes back the opposite way. Wexler Shouts "Noooooo!" so you peak over the tables edge and see his bald head going below the surface. You look back and surmise that he hit that mirror on the far wall and it reflected to him. You get up and go around the table, and there's Wexler, about 5 inches tall. He sees you and shoots at you again, and you slowly shrink down to 6 inches tall. You run over to the side of the lab table back out of sight of him as he yells that he's going to get you for shrinking him. Peeking around the corner you see him coming in your direction, but there's also his giant bird coming behind him. He doesn't even have time to scream before he's picked up and carried away, conveniently dropping his size gun to the ground as he's carried past you, and ultimately out the window with the bird. You quickly grab the gun and restore your size. You stand there a moment and marvel at your luck, before realizing the potential of the device you have in your hands.

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