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  1. So how does it happen?
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You are John. You are staying at you girlfriend Victoria's, when suddenly you shrink!
Chapter 1

So how does it happen?

    by: ShadowOfDeath   More by this author
You are at your sexy girlfriend Victoria's house, when suddenly you're shrunken!

Victoria is you sexy, plump girlfriend. She is just below fat, has huge soft breasts, and a gigantic, mammoth butt that's even bigger than you're head at normal size!

She is a little on the playful side, but can be mean too. She is never gentle, however. She always loved to smother you to wake you up in the mornings, or jump on your face when you aren't expecting it.

First off, how does he shrink?
Where will this interactive story go?

You now have these choices:

1.   She shrinks him!

2.   She finds him already shrunken.

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