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Not all monsters are evil.

Not all monsters are evil.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This story was inspired by The Outcast by James Smith.


A great story if not a little candy cane in parts for my tast but a great story nun the less. these monsters in my story are ostracized by there own kind for one reason or another and they then seek friendship from humans and maby even more.

I don't mind you adding your own characters from your stories for advertising or anything for that mater except a few rules.

#1 THIS IS NOT A PORN!!!! I've seen some sick chapters some members write and I will make it clear now. KEEP IT CLEAN! Being a little playful is one thing I'll allow that just don't get sick. No further then boobs. Anything beond that I will delete. And any romance must be with the opposite gender. characters of the same gender can go no further then best buds.

#2 the monster can't be part demon there can be demons as villains if you want but I just can't see anything that's part demon being kind. That's why I made this new story instead of just adding to the Outcast.(So let me Make this clear since some of you seem to have a hard time grasping this concept. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD DEMON! I know from experience. demons are real, and they are pure evil! so stop pressing the matter because I will not change my mind. If I can't edit a chapter where someone tried to make a good demon I will delete it! And angels are not monsters while were on the subject, an angel will not have problems finding friends.)

#3 no dead ends. the story can end but give the reader the choice to move on.

#4 If someone feared the monster at first then it will take time or proof like a show of emotion or saving a life to get there trust, humans wont just take the word of something that they think is an evil man-eating beast. except for small children (anyone under 10).

also I will give the choice to make your own monsters but I don't want it going on forever. I will stop it when it gets to chapter 20.
Some pre-made characters made for this story and a few other things you can find. Characters listed are not main characters but characters that they might come across in the story.


The Judge.
real name,?
If you like to read my kind of story then you probably know about dragon riders. where a human and a dragon impress each other and become bound by mind and soul. Well in this story any monster can go threw this with a human so you can do it with the monster you chose. The Judge is the rarest case of this bonding proses as he has bonded with one of the things no one ever thought cold ever be bonded with, The Reaper of souls itself. Upon his death he came face to face with the Grim Reaper itself and ever since he has walked the many worlds out there with all the power of death itself. However as this comes with many benefits, Immortality, invincibility, travel anywhere instantly, being able to read the book of time (Has all that was, is, and will be within its pages) he is also bound by the laws of the reaper. He can't kill anyone. He can only take them when there time comes, he can not under any condition tell anyone the future, and he can't have a romantic relationship with the living. When it comes to a trial or a contest in which a soul is at stake he is always the judge. hints the nick name.
Also he is considered a bad omen when he enters a town or city where there is no event for him to enjoy, its said it means there is going to be a massacre.
Just remember if you fight him you will not win. You can't beat death!
He wheres an all black dress shirt and pants, he has black slicked back hair and eyes that look like black pearls. And he always has a fine black cane with a silver skull top with him.
The Order of the Guardian,s Light.

An organization of warriors that consider any non-human impure and that it is there duty to wipe all such creatures from existence. They are many in number and some are very skilled at whatever method they use to make there kills. They all bare a coat of arms of a shield with white wings and over the shield is a lions head roaring triumphantly while on the shield is a dragon,s head with swards going threw it. They are widely known threw most of the human world as heroes and parades are often held when they bring evidence that they had just made a kill even if its just a baby of some kind.

more to come...
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