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A young slave encounters another prisoner in the castle that isn't human!

A young slave encounters another prisoner in the castle that isn't human!

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Okay. I just saw a trailer for a videogame that was made public three days ago. Well, three days ago today which is 5-21-09. The trailer was of Team Ico's next game. The trailer alone inspired me to think up this interactive. I don't want it to be like the game and I don't even know if this is the main primiss of the game since I've only seen a trailer. If you're intrested in the trailer look up Project Trico on youtube and you'll find it.

The story of this interactive:

A young ten year old slave is trapt into servitude for a nasty and evil lord who is very power hungry. One day, the lord's men captured something alive and very large. The creature is chained up in the prison cells and put in a dark and uncomfortable place. Feeding the creature becomes one of the young slaves many jobs, but the slave is very afraid of what the creature might be and only tosses the food in the room without looking at the creature. Little does the slave know that the creature is a mythical creature that may be the size of an elephant now, but it is only an infant.

If I end up deleting or editing a page I will always explain why I've done so.

1. I have no problems with violence, but please keep the fetishes away. Crushing and eating people is fine, because it is a giant mythical creature, but the creature and the characters shouldn't be turned on by such an act and the boy and creature can't do anything sexual, because he's only ten and the creature's an infant.

2. I've had some problems with chapter additions beening too short. You see, there is a limit of chapters per storyline. I didn't even know about this till I created Outcast, but there is a limit and having many short chapters only brings a story closer to the limit with little action involved. So, if you wish to know about how long I would like chapters to be, take a look at the first chapter which is slightly longer than the mimimun.

3. Another thing is that the creature imprisoned needed for be a child or younger. The story is not meant for the creature to be much older than Felix who is ten. So, about 12 or younger it about the age limit. The creature should be preferably an infant to its kind. So, creatures with longer lifespans than humans, like dragons, could be about ten years of age but an infant to its kind.

4. If you choose to add to the Felarya creatures, read about Felarya and the creature you choose. http://www.felarya.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page (Be warned though, the sight has nudity and vore) The story doesn't take place in Felarya, but the creature (if you choose a Felarya creature), is from Felarya and will have the qualities of that species.

5. There are a few things that some people seem to forget after the first chapter. (This is most likely because after the first chapter, the reader gets to choose what kind of monster the creature is and it could get to a point were the choice is a good length away from the first chapter.) So, here are the two things. #1. The creature was rolled into the dungeons by a large wooden cages meant for elephants. This means that the creature is very large and since it is an infant to its kind from rule 3, the creature option has to be a large creature. Otherwise there wouldn't have been any need for such a large cage. Size changing creatures are an exception to this rule. #2. Though the creature comes in this cage, it is stored into a large cell made of stone and concrete with only two ways in, The large door used to push the cage in and the human door. Some people seem to believe the elephant cage is the creature's cell, but it is only the transport to its cell. Those were just two things I'd like to clear up if I didn't make it clear enough in the first chapter.
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