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You are Tom, 13, and live with a family of women who can shrink and transform people.

You are Tom, 13, and live with a family of women who can shrink and transform people.

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*** Loads of views and reviews, which is great - thanks to everyone for that - but not many additions by others (thinks to those that have). If you like this story and want it to grow please take the time to make an addition every now and again. Its not asking a lot and the story would really be better for it. Thanks.****

You are Tom, 13, an orhpan who was adopted by a family of women when you were four years old. You soon discovered the women were not normal however - they have power over other people, able to shrink them to any size or change them into anything they desire. You have seen it first had. Most of the items these women own were once people. Now they are just, shoes, clothes, hankies with human senses, tiny pets: all living a life of torture. The women of the family are:

Cathy: Step Mother (46).
Sara: Oldest Step Sister (28).
Claire: Other Step Sister (21).
Julie: Youngest Step Sister (16).
Ann: Step Aunt (41) - doesn't live with the family but visits regularly.
Carla: Ann's Daughter (17).

Cathy, being the oldest, has power over all other family members. You figure it works that the older the person, the more powerful. So far cathy has a ban on the family using their powers on each other but you know that could change and, as they do bicker from time to time, you would feel sorry for the younger members as they wouldn't stand much chance.
You have seen Cathy to be very strict - punishing her children in rather unusual ways, such as when Sarah was once late home she was turned into a pair of Cathy's dirty white socks and worn for five days straight. Once, when Julie skipped school she was reduced to a speck and lived under a different family members feet each day, ending with her giant aunt Ann, who took great pleasure in keeping her between her smelly toes.

So far you have remained on Cathy's good side, although there have been some close calls. The rest of the family are itching to torment you and you hope that never happens. But you know things can't stay that way forever....

***The story starts in first person perspective (you) but feel free to change if you feel the need for the chapter you add. Just make sure you add a line at the top to say you are switching to third person or whatever. Thanks.***

***For some reason there has been an influx of short, single line chapters recently that don't really go anywhere. They don't add to story so, new rule, no short chapters like that anymore. They will be deleted. As will any chapters that deal with gender swapping - or anything outside of giantess / shrink / feet / transformation (vore and feet related).***

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