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You are Tom, 13, and live with a family of women who can shrink and transform people.
Chapter 1

Start of a weekend

    by: Lee3000   More by this author
You wake up early that morning - its saturday and you are looking forward to having a fun weekend with no school. You climb out of bed, throw on some shorts and walk to the bathroom. As you get to the door you see Claire emerge, just finishing her morning wash, wearing a robe and white fluffy slippers. She doesn't look happy -and you know why. She has just finished being punished by Cathy: for answering back she spent Friday night as the insole of her mothers worn slipper. She looks angrily at you.
'I don't see how you always get off so lightly.' She says. 'If mom would let me I'd shrink you in an instant and keep you under my feet forever!' She then slammed a slippered foot down for emphasis, twisting it like grinding a bug. She then smiled. 'And you know it will happen one day.' She said and strode off. You smiled to yourself - she certainly was cranky this morning.

You finished in the bathroom and headed downstairs to the kitchen where Claire, Cathy, your step aunt Ann were all seated. Sarah and Julie must still be in bed and you have no idea where Carla, your step cousin was. Cathy has set some toast down for you and you sit down, tucking into it gratefully. Ann and Cathy are talking between themselves. You see Claire look to her mothers feet, encased in the white slippers she was an insole of last night. You see her shudder and force yourself not to smile. You notice that aunty Ann is wearing some old, brown sandals on her tanned feet.
She is telling Cathy about these thin soled sandals, which were once, many years ago, two young brothers who use to be her neighbours.
'But I've got a pebble stuck in the insole I just can't get out. It's too small for my fingers to grasp and its annotying me.' She says, grinding her toes into the strappy sandle.
'Why doesn't Tom get it out for you?' Claire chipped in, with a smile.
'I think his fingers would be too big too honey.' She replied.
'Well, why doesn't mom shrink him, then he can go in your sandal and get it out for you. I'm sure he would be glad to help.' She said, before turning to you with a grin.
'Oh, thats a great idea. Would you mind honey?' She asked you. 'My big sandals may smell a bit but I'm sure you could handle it.'
You feel your mouth go dry - you have never been shrunken before and you are scared of what could happen. Especially with Claire around. You look to your step mom Cathy.
'Mom?' You ask.
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