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Lisa is always making your life sad by treating you like a baby but justice will soon come

Lisa is always making your life sad by treating you like a baby but justice will soon come

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02/28/14: Okay Chapter six hundred is reached. Wow, I never expected it to get this far, but it has. And thank you to every other user who ever contributed.

I would to draw your attention to this new story, which although I created really belongs to the User MANatee. Please view: http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1974495-Revenge-is-a-Dish-Best-Serv...

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Your name is Matthew Jameson,
You are fourteen years old,
You are the same as every other fourteen year old boy,
But you have a problem, a big a problem, a very big problem, a problem that stands a 6 foot 3 inches tall to be exact,
and this problems name is Lisa.
The problem is your seventeen year old sister,
what is the problem with her you may ask?
Well she is always treating you like a baby in front of people, not becase she cares or anything, no she just does it to embarress you and annoy you.
But your Day of Reckoning will soon arrive, due to that device you found on the beach you now have the power to limitly warp reality to your will.
she treated you like a baby know its her turn...

The rules for this story are:
No Swearing
No Sex
No Insulting Any Religon
No Killing Charecters (only I can do that)
No Replacing Charecters (you can add new ones though)
No Obvious Spoofing Other Storys (what can I say, I just don't like spoofs, homeges are fine though)
No Adding Something To Unexpected, like suddenly changing the sections plot completly in one chapter, you can change the sections plot but do it graduly.

On one other note, to avoid any further confusion, the devise is not like a lazer or a remote, its more like a chip in his brain alowing to alter reality to a point.

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CreepyCrawly, 24 excellent chapters and two even better ones, personally my favoute author and I would be thrilled if he continued adding to my work as I love his. Also the one who added chapter 200. And officially the best.

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Kona, Eleven great chapters and two excelent chapters
big bubba, three okay, seventeen good and eight very good chapters (Including Chapter 300)
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kitty3, 2 intresting chapters
Jake, five very good chapters and two good ones
Lewok, two very good, twelve good chapters, three okay, three option and three other chapters
elek, one okay, eight good, two very good and eighteen option chapters
MANatee, eight good, Twelve okay, Twenty Eight option and nine chapters
Whippet Wild, two good, four very good and one okay chapters
Skarp, one great chapter, one good, two option and six okay ones
leafy, Two very good, two good, one okay and one opption chapters
jackrssss, Two very good but a bit out of place chapters and one good one
eaten-cabinet, six good chapters, five okay one's and four option chapters
Yugi, three very good chapter, three good and seven option chapters
🐗ing, two good, eight okay and four option chapters
mystic1324, twelve okay and five good chapters
Scifiwizard, two good and one very good chapters
Jack999, 2 good chapters, one okay one and two other ones that I shall not mention
L-P 2, one good and one very good chapter
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Bubba*Heart*TrueBlood, three good chapters
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