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A normal summer at your girlfriend's house, until her Aunt Rebecca had other plans.

A normal summer at your girlfriend's house, until her Aunt Rebecca had other plans.

This is an interactive story containing 53 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This interactive will be what I call a pure shrink interactive. It will be like the great interactives of old, where the characters are original made up. No tv show, movie, book, or video game characters. There will be chances of death for the main character and any other shrunken people, because that is what makes shrinking interactives good. It is improbable and boring if a shrunken person can't die. Even if a shrunken person gets some kind of immunity or immortality, there should always be a chance that something will go wrong and he or she will die. Characters can change their minds about things, a good person can become bad, that is real life. Yes, even in snap instances from good to bad. Sexual references will happen, because a core part of why people thought up the shrink genre, is sexual. The idea that you can be shrunk and unseen, or small and dominated by the opposite sex, or the same sex in the case of girls and women possibly in this interactive. Because girl on girl is hot.

Rules: Follow them; I will enforce them by use of deletion.

1.) No guys other than the main character, so no gay stuff. (Girl on girl stuff is just fine.)
2.) No animals, animal people, birds, insects, etc, etc. Only human characters.
3.) Size range for people getting shrunk is 3 to 20 inches. Also when people shrink they get shrunk out of there clothes.
4.) When adding a new female character, she must be between 17 to 35 years old.
5.) Girls and women with the shrinking power can’t shrink each other; they are immune.
6.) Ways the main and other shrunken characters can die. By being eaten: swallowed whole, chewed, eaten with food, and cooked then eaten. If character is eaten, there can be now meat on or in the food/meal they are being eaten with; the idea is that they are the meat. Other deaths: Sat on, crushed by breasts, and crushed while being used sexually. No deaths by being crushed by feet or hands.
7.) If you want, you can add that the main character is immune from acid or immortal for some reason. Also, no gross depictions of bathroom scene, if you have them don’t describe them.
8.) Editions are to be written in the second person: ie: You set out to look for her.
9.) When people are speaking, the quotes are to be done this way.
Single Quote: “Come over here,” she said licking her lips.
Or: She laughs as she picks up the sandwich, “Mmm, shrunken person on rye, my favorite.”
Double Quotes: “Come here little guy,” she said as her belly rumbled, “I’m hungry and you will make great snack.”
10.) Editions must be at least one paragraph made up of 7 sentences. I would like longer, be creative and descriptive on most things.
11.) Finally when making a new edition, don’t use the title that the site puts in the blank, it usually doesn’t fit and isn’t very good as a title. Be creative with titles.
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