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by Robin
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Adult · #1586898
What if cars, computers, non-human animals, plants, statues & toys get possessed by evil!
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Chapter 2

ph'nglui mglw'nafh cthulu r'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

In the deepest darkest recesses of a plane of existence long since forgotten, something stirred. A horrific monstrosity of neither reality nor nonexistence of such limitless unspeakable power that the very thought of this entity could drive entire planets into a madness that claimed it's life. It has existed since before time was conceived, and has ruled for nearly as long. It sustained itself with the negative emotions sentient creatures were famous for giving off: Greed, hate, fear, vanity, and most importantly, lust. It merely observed at first, until it discovered it could force such emotions from the frail bodies he observed; a ravenous hunger formed in it, a hole which couldn't be filled, but not from lack of trying. As it consumed whole systems of planets the other ancient beings commenced a last ditch attempt to seal it away, in another dimension. They were to lure it to a solar system without any life and banish it to the void. The fairest of them consented to be the tribute. It came, and immediately began to engorge itself on her. So fixed on such a prize as she, it lost all awareness around it, and the old races were given the chance to complete the ritual that sealed it in the gap between dimensions; but it came at a cost, for the maiden was trapped in the void with the beast for all eternity.

They wept for a very long time. their tears eventually brought life to the planet, and they disappeared into space. The planet is one most came to call earth, and after an eternity of feeding off the same soul, its prison was weakening. It's physical being was trapped inside the void, but it's consciousness could roam freely across the newly found civilization on the planet, predominantly a place called Suburbia.

It's mind probed the landscape for a possible victim.
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