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The Transformation Adventures of Ash and Dawn
Chapter 1

the intro

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Ash and Dawn were walking through route 202 towards Sandgem Town. The two of them had decided to venture back to Kanto together, and crash at Ash's house for a while. They both agreed happily to the idea. Brock had already left for Kanto - there was urgent business for him to attend to at the Pewter City Gym, so he left on a ferry from Sunyshore City. Ash and Dawn had decided that before they went to Kanto, they would go see Dawn's mom and Professor Rowan and say their goodbyes.

However, along the way, Dawn caught a shiny object in the corner of her eye. "Ash, what's that?" She said, pointing to it. She ran into the bushes to pick it up, and emerged with a glowing yellow stone. "It's so pretty!" She exclaimed. "I wonder how much it would be worth?"

"As much as it is pretty," Ash replied, "I don't like the look of it."

"You don't like it?"

"No, it's not that, it just seems... odd..."

Ash walks over to Dawn and places his hand on the rock. Much to their surprise, the stone emits beams of light from all sides. "What's going on?" Dawn asks amidst all the light.

Then, something strange happens...
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