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You find a warehouse like building with no one in it. You become the owner.

You find a warehouse like building with no one in it. You become the owner.

This is an interactive story containing 899 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You are a boy named Anthony who has moved into a new house out in the countryside, with a lot of land, and with a forest on the property. while exploring the forest, you find a hidden door that leads underground to what appears to be a warehouse with no one in it. You quickly learn that the first person who finds it becomes the owner, which happens to be you. Once the warehouse is yours, you find that you can make it so that nobody can find any trace of it if you don't want them to. You discover that the room is full of suits of fictional girls, and that any time a new girl is created in a work of fiction, a suit of them appears.

You actually become the girls while wearing the suits, from all of their abilities, to the fact that you'd be another gender. There is also a device that can imprint whatever suit you're wearing, and make it your actual body, with the one before it being turned into a suit. You can also have yourself transported into their series. While wearing the suit, you can access their memories (unless the suit was once the body of a real person), and put their personalities in control if you want to, but able to make them do anything you want (but their personalities can't overpower those of the person wearing them, meaning they can't seize control over the person wearing them).


No gay/lesbian stuff or incest (although you can have fun with a female family member's body if you have become them, just so long as you don't have sex with the family member).

Keep any names of characters the same throughout the story.

If I find out that someone who adds has stolen someone else's chapter, and then posted it as their own, then I'll delete it.

No killing off Anthony or ending the story. If a person would die while inside the series, then they will reappear in the real world, unless they can be brought back to life in that series (like with the dragon balls)

Any character who in their series is called a god will be considered a powerful spirit instead in this story, even if the charaters from their series won't call them as such.

You have just finished school for the year.

All of the character suits will be naked, with their clothes and any other object they've had at any point on a shelf next to them. Since the clothes of all characters are there, you can have a person in any suit wear any character's clothes.

Outside of the reality altering device, nothing can change the reality of the outside world. Time freezing and slowdown work, but no time travel itself.

A suit can only be worn by a person of the opposite gender, meaning only male bodies can wear a female suit, and only female bodies can wear a male suit.

Any timeline created by going into a series can only be entered afterwards if everyone who went in as a character for it goes in as those characters again.

All normal character suits must have a human/humanoid form. There is a machine that can make special human versions of non humanoid/human game girls, and can make a complete human form of a humanoid game girl. In both of these instances, the person who puts up the choice must put a link to a picture, except if they immediately make an option chapter afterwards giving more choices for how the character would look (in which case the links would be needed there instead). I am debating on whether or not to allow someone wearing that kind of suit to go into the series.

The same machine can make female versions of male human/humanoid video game characters. The person who puts up the choice must put a link to a picture, except if they immediately make an option chapter afterwards giving more choices for how the character would look (in which case the links would be needed there instead). These characters can enter into the series, but any relationship they'd had with a female character will not be in the series (examples: if someone goes into the Starfox series as a female Fox, they won't have a relationship with Krystal, and if someone goes into the Mario series as a female Mario, that person won't have a relationship with Peach, and none of the girls with crushes on Mario will have them on the female Mario).

This machine can also create theoretical girls based on if there would be some way to transform a character into the form in canon. The girl created is locked in that form, outside of any abilities they would have to change that, but with that form being the normal form.

Any medical condition (example: blindness) that a fictional character would have will not be had by the person wearing to suit, and while in the real world, the character won't have an art style that would clash with the real world (such as being cartoonish or flat).

If a character becomes pregnant while in the series, but delivers the child in the real world, then the child will be a suit. The same applies if one of the parents is below 18 if they conceive the child in the warehouse. There is also a device that can age up a suit created this way, but not passed the age of the youngest parent. The suits conceived take 9 days instead of months to reach development.

A character who is in the suit, or the body of a fictional girl will be able to tell as soon as they conceive a child, and can choose to make the child a suit if they are old enough to support a child, even though they could have the child not be a suit by that time.

If a suit of a person not from a fictional series is created, then you can put the suit in a device that will let you make up a personality for them.

If a person wearing a female suit becomes pregnant, then they can't take it off until the child or suit is no longer in them.

While inside the warehouse, time can be frozen outside the building if the owner (you) wants it to be frozen, or automatically if someone is inside a fictional series. Outside of the aging device and growth in the womb, the bodies of people in the warehouse won't age.

Nobody can enter the building if the owner isn't inside.

No turning Anthony evil or changing his personality.

Use proper grammar and spelling.

You can mentally control the suits, and make them put themselves on (You stay in control). This includes if someone else is wearing it, as a safety feature.

You can put the suits on inanimate objects, like dolls, stuffed animals, and figures, which will make them copies of the characters, but with no minds, and will be posed in the pose the object was in. You can re-pose them, but, if the object inside would go back into another position while left alone in their normal forms, they will still do so as the characters. Inanimate objects turned into suits do not breathe or need to use the restroom, and can't get pregnant.

There is a device that can alter reality, and the memories of others to having someone wearing a suit to being that person normally. Only Anthony is immune. If reality is altered, only people who have been screened from the process will remember how things were, with nobody finding anything odd about it. For example, if Anthony was to turn into a woman older than his parents, people would know about him being older, but won't question it, and the same thing would go if he'd turn himself into an anthro.

Characters who can transform between girl forms and boy forms will be in girl form the whole time, with no traces of the boy form. Note that you can't go into the series as these characters except if there is a point where they don't change.
Naruto using the Sexy Jutsu.

If there is ever a debate on the gender of a character, then ask me, and I'll decide. Characters that are counted as female:
Haku. There is no way that Haku is a boy in my opinion, and I can think of several reason for Haku to lie about her gender and claim to be male.
Vivian. In the English version of Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door it is true without a doubt, and by what I understand, the info in the journal about the characters in the Japanese version comes from Mario's point of view, and since Beldam calls Vivian a man during an insult, Mario could quite possibly only believe it to be true.

Please put up links to pictures of the fictional girls during the option chapter they are mentioned in, or the chapter someone turns into them. Also, if you can, put up links to images of any original characters from that series, or any fused characters. (I'll do my best to edit the chapters already up to include images). Don't hesitate to use pictures of what the girls are doing.

There may be other things I'm forgetting, so everything else is fair game unless I remember anything else and add it.

Anthony: 16 years old. A lone-wolf, but not a mean person and is very stubborn. Will always be there for his friends if he can; become his enemy and you will have a hard time. He is not a lone-wolf towards his friends. Tall, with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Wears dark blue jeans or shorts, black shoes, with the shirts he wears being either completely dark blue, completely yellow, completely red, very dark blue with the word Nintendo written on the front, or black with a picture of Sonic on the front.

Other Characters (Note, there are changes, due to the fact that one woman having as many kids as Diana did in the original is unrealistic):

Laura: Anthony's older sister by a few months. 16 years old. She wears brown boots, jeans, and a black shirt. She has blond hair. She is a very selfish person who thinks she is better than everyone else. She still cares for her siblings, and unknown to them, has threatened Sarah to not let Zoey know the truth after kicking her butt, since Zoey cares for her step siblings and step father, and Laura doesn't want to risk Zoey distancing herself from them. Kimberly kept custody of her after the divorce.

Zack: Anthony's older brother. 20 years old. Gets along with Anthony and and the rest of their siblings, except Laura, although both care for each other. Zoey thinks Zack is just a friend of Anthony's. Kimberly kept custody of him after the divorce. Has a crush on Mary, but due to being step siblings, feels awkward about it, so he doesn't tell her. He doesn't know she feels the same way.

Kimberly: Anthony's 42 year old mother. She wears black high heels, a grey skirt, and a grey shirt. She has long brown hair. A very kind person, she cares about other people and tries to help them if they need it. Sad that her family was split apart, but she and Henry just couldn't make it last.

Sarah: Anthony's older step sister. 17 years old. She's shallow, liking only what's popular, and is a real witch (Not literally, just personality wise, and I won't write the word originally used to describe her that was used by the person who created her) towards Anthony and friends. Always dyes her hair to whatever hair color is popular. Fears Laura.

Anna: Anthony's younger step sister. 15 years old. Just started the swim team 3 months ago. She has a long, straight golden hair, average eyes, pointy nose, and her mouth is not big, but not small, and she always smile in front of people, and giggles as she talks, which makes her look cute on the face. She is thin, and moderately short, around 160+cm in height, she has the breast of C-cup sized, it's not that big. She is also good in sports, and intelligent in her work, and she is popular among her age group, but not exactly as popular as school models. She looks up to and respects Anthony. She loves anime and video games. She wears a wide variety of clothes, but wears a green one-piece bathing suit while swimming. She has a crush on Anthony, but feels awkward about it, due to Zoey not knowing, and them being step siblings, so she hides it.

Andy: Anthony's younger brother. 13 years old. Loves video games. Has a crush on Bethany, although she doesn't know (more info will be added when someone expands upon it).

Zoey: Anthony's younger step sister. 10 years old. She is majorly in love with Anthony, but due to thinking that they are actually related, she feels awkward about her feelings and hides them, acting like she just has a brother complex, however, if she found out the truth, she would make no effort to hide her feelings. She likes her friends, and unlike Sarah, she doesn't like populars or following them. She has a short, light brown hair in pigtails, amber-colored eyes and a smile that fits greatly on her face. She has normal breasts, not too big because she's so young. She wears mostly skirts and shirts, but she has some jeans, and sometimes she wears dresses, she loves all colors equally, and thus, she has many different colors of clothing. She likes candy (mainly chocolate), playing videogame, and she loves love stories. Anthony likes her too and they've always gotten along. She has the personality of a cute 10 year innocent girl, she wouldn't do anything bad even if forced to. She knows her brother is a nice person and inspires in him. She loves being praised and is a hard worker. Would do everything for her brother.

Mia: Anthony's twin sister who gets along with him very well. Her favorite fictional character is Mia from the Fire Emblem series, because they share the same name, and similar personalities. She naturally has black hair, but always dyes it purple in order to be like her favorite character. She is almost always wearing a skirt or dress. She likes sports (one of the few kinds of things that she doesn't wear a skirt for), but can't stand cheerleaders. She is easily excitable, more so when she has some kind of sugar (which is why she usually isn't allowed by her family to have any when at home or out at a family event).

When she has some kind of sugar, then she gets so hyper that she sometimes starts pulling pranks, although they're never harmful. She is an odd mix of being a tomboy and girly-girl, but gets annoyed with girls who are complete girly-girls. Shares Anthony's love of the sword, anime, and video games, but because of how hyper she is, she hardly ever reads books, because she think they're too boring for the most part.. She's a little faster than Anthony, but a little weaker. She is also a couple minutes younger than him.

Mary: Anthony's older step sister who is in college. 21 years old. Waist length, dark brown hair kept in a ponytail, same eyes as Anthony, shorter than Anthony but athletic. Humble and willing to help out. She enjoys playing video games with Anthony a bit. Likes spending time with friends and Anthony when possible. Adapt at video games somewhat (not as much as Anthony or the others), pretty fast as she almost beat a track record. Nimble as well (as in she could be an excellent thief if she desired) She likes sticking up for people when they feel oppressed, she has a strong sense of justice, and she is a tomboy. Prefers to wear a lavender sweater over a white tank top, along regular jeans and white shoes. She has a crush on Zack, but since they are step siblings, feels awkward about it, and doesn't tell him. She doesn't know that he feels the same way.

Diana: Anthony's step mother. She is a widow, with her late husband being Henry's distant cousin. She married Henry a little over a year after her late husband's death, during that time, Zoey was born. Since Henry has the same last name as her married name, Zoey hasn't been able to find anything weird about it that could cause her to figure out. (This is all for her for now, I'll update it if/when she is used again)

Henry: Anthony's father. 42 years old. Is in the military, but his section hasn't been called in to outside conflict at the time. He is about to begin some military training required, and won't be back for two weeks. He'll either leave while Anthony is at school, or the next day, depending on who is writing. Originally married to Kimberly, but they couldn't make it last. All of his kids blame him for splitting up the family. (more info will be added when someone expands upon it).Frank: A guy the same age as Anthony and Mia, Anthony's only just met him, and he already feels Frank would never do anything like back stab him, a true blue friend. Has dusty blond hair, brown eyes, and is really random and hilarious. Lives 3 houses down from Anthony, and they'll go to the same school once summer is over. He is really into fictional girls and becoming them, although he's not gay at all. This is the chance for him to have his dream come true!

Randy: A guy who just met Anthony after Frank told him about Anthony. He has been a long time friend of Franks. Has semi-long brown hair and deep blue eyes as he is From Germany. Obsessed about wolves and shares the same fictional girl attitude Frank does. He really loves the character Renamon from Digimon. But is saddened that she is not real and dreams about becoming a Renamon somehow but knows it won’t ever happen. He has a semi-fierce attitude like the wolves he likes so much but is loyal to his friends and would kill himself before betraying his friends purposely. Very fun loving and likes parties and fighting as he is a black belt in kickboxing. His he loves wolves and has the nickname "Wolf."

Brianna: 16 years old. She has long white hair, dark skin and bright green eyes. She wears a red, white, and blue jacket with a Puerto Rican flag on the backside. She also wears a pair of pitch black jeans and red and white chucks. Laid back, yet somehow, easily excitable. She loves video games.

James: 16 years old. 5'9, average build. Short strawberry-blonde hair, blue eyes. A little shy but is kind to others, loves all kinds of Nintendo games, RPG's are favorite. Likes to hang out with friends as much as possible, doesn't talk a whole lot, really into sports as well. He cares deeply for his siblings, especially his special needs brother. Tries to be outgoing and talkative, but he more often than not can't come up with what to say. Doesn't really know what he wants to be in life. Mostly just trying to figure out what works. Wants to have a girlfriend but doesn't really have a good grasp at romance.
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