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Someone you know gains the ability to possess others...

Someone you know gains the ability to possess others...

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Someone you know comes across a mystical stone that has a one-time use. The use? As soon as it is touched, it bestows the toucher with the ability to turn into a spirit-ghost-thing and enter and take over the bodies of whoever they please, including you. How you - and they - deal with it is up to you.

Cast Of Characters:

You: Your name is Tim Gately. You're an average 17-year old boy who's been having a tough time at school lately, but you just need a chance to get back on your feet and you'll be fine. Shame that's not gonna happen.

Rebecca, your Mom: While she's 43 years old, she certainly doesn't look it, despite your Dad's running away. You've even heard rumours that your classmates consider her the greatest MILF of all time.

Heather, your Twin Sister: Yeah, Mom had twins, and Heather got more of the looks than you (not that you're a bad-looking guy). You don't mind that much, though your relationship with her is a little schizophrenic - one minute, you're all buddy-buddy, the next, you're at each other's throats.

Clare, your Younger Sister: You were surprised that your Mom could pull off another kid at the age of 33, and apparently so did your Dad, as the mere thought of three children chased him out of the family. Still, though she's only 10, she's always seemed to have a much more mature a dirty mind than that, and at times, she's looked downright sinister.

Jimmy, your Friend: Jimmy... can be a little crazy at times. Still, his antics have always been hilarious, except for maybe that one time with the washing-up bowl.

Tracy, your Girlfriend: Tracy is amazing and amazingly beautiful, and you consider yourself lucky for having caught her attention. Unfortunately, Girlfriend may soon become Ex-girlfriend, as she's starting to tell you that she can't find a way to spice up the relationship.

Ms. Holsten, your Teacher: When describing 25-year old Ms. Holsten, most of your classmates would simply say "The Hot One", and they would be understood. Ms. Holsten is HOT. She also seems to be genuinely concerned for her students, taking a special interest in you and your slipping grades.

Veronica, a Classmate: You don't pay that much attention to Veronica, to you, she's just the kinda nerdy kid in the back row. In actuality, she wouldn't look half bad if she changed her hair and her clothes, and little do you know that she harbours a secret crush on you.

Cherie, a Classmate: She's the most beautiful girl in the school, but that's not the only reason she's in everyone's fantasy - she's also the most sexually active, and bisexual to boot! It's just a shame that you once accidentally made her a laughing stock of the school (it involved a washing-up bowl), and though she's climbed back up the popularity ladder, she still hates your guts.

Jezzer, a Homeless: Everyone loves to make fun of Jezzer... except Jezzer. He hates all the kids from your school, but particularly Jimmy for that one time with the washing-up bowl. He would love it if somebody played a prank on him for a change.

Feel free to add more characters, as long as they make sense.


-Once someone has gotten the powers, they are the ONLY one who can have them.
-Tim can NEVER receive the powers.
-The possessor can only possess one host at a time.
-There a three things a possessor can do with their host's memories of being possessed:
         Wipe them out, leaving a blind spot in their memory.
         Leave them, with the host knowing they were possessed by something unknown.
         Leave them, with the host believing they did them of their own accord.
-The possessor cannot read their host's memories.

-Try and keep names accurate.
-No endless "Did this happen?-No-Did that happen?-No-" branches. Maximum of four choices, and only if they are formatted so that Branch 1 leads to Choices 1 and 2 and Branch 2 leads to choices 3 and 4.
-No starting a chapter titled "He did this" with "He didn't do this, he did that instead."
-Spelling. Grammar. Please, please, PLEASE try to keep it as accurate as possible. It may be slower, but it's legible.
-No killing.
-No suddenly ending the story.
-No gay stuff, though lesbian is fine. (Yeah, I'm biased. So?)
-I reserve the right to edit any entries.

Other than that, go wild, go crazy, and have fun!
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