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by Yote
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #1630274
What if you could become anyone at the touch of a (expensive, dangerously untested) button

What if you could become anyone at the touch of a (expensive, dangerously untested) button

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
After decades of attempted global conquest, the world's finest mad scientists have finally given back to the society from which they have taken so much by discovering the secrets to human transmutation, allowing biological tissue and genetic material to be molded as easily as one would mold clay. After wrestling these secrets from their irresponsible hands, they are now in the hands of irresponsible public, for a considerable fee of course.

No longer do you need to be restrained to the dull-as-dishwater body you were born with. Now you can alter yourself, make yourself young or old, fat or thin, become your favourite celebrity, imitate your friends or family, even throw off the troubles and expectations of your humanity altogether and become a simple animal, or even an inanimate object!

Most of these technologies were launched onto the market simultaneously, and the cost for the various treatments vary wildly. At the cheaper end of the spectrum is the standard stuff - new cosmetic surgery techniques and enhanced hormonal supplements. A step up from these are the bodysuits, allowing a swift, easy, and reversible change in outward appearances, though the underlying body remains the same. Genetic modifiers can alter both appearance and DNA, and come in a multitude of forms, from pills to drinks to injections and bath salts. More costly are the transformation booths and hand-held lasers and, most costly of all, is the adjustment of reality itself. Reality changes require the output of multiple power stations and are beyond the price range of the average consumer.

Many governments are attempting to ban the devices and treatments, and the DoA (Department of Augmentation) has recently issued a set of guidelines, which it is attempting to pass into law, detailing the legal status of all transformed individuals. If passed, the laws will render many transformed people as second-class citizens (at best).

1. A civilian must not knowingly imitate the identity a living person with the intent of passing themselves off as them for personal gain. Civilians found doing so may face criminal prosecution.
2. Unless exempted under FUCT (Fair Use of Civilian Transformation) all civilians with greater that 10% non-human DNA will be reclassified as non-human animals, losing all human rights, privileges, and protections. Non-human animals may apply for protection under animal cruelty or endangered animal laws where appropriate, but should do so before undergoing transformation.
3. Unless exempted under FUCT, all civilians of a plant, mineral, robotic, post-organic culinary, or otherwise fundamentally synthetic nature are classified as non-human objects, losing all human rights, privileges, and protections. A non-human object must be owned by a human in order have legal protection under property laws.
4. FUCT exemptions allow for human status and legal standing to be maintained following transformations where it would normally be lost, and may be applied for on several grounds, including medically required transformations, transformations necessary for employment, cultural and religious transformations, and transformations in aide of scientific research.
5. A human cannot be prosecuted for the ownership, murder, use, consumption, or any other treatment of a non-human where that action is appropriate to their current form and function, and does not conflict with the above laws.

Thank you to everybody for reading and contributing. Couldn't have reached 100k+ views without you! You're all very, very nice people.
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