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by Blake
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Sequel to Shrunk with your Girlfriend/GTS. Crossover stories included!!

Sequel to Shrunk with your Girlfriend/GTS. Crossover stories included!!

This is an interactive story containing 470 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is the true sequel for Shrunk with your Girlfriend/GTS original story. After thinking for a long time, I decided that this story is better than the originally intended sequel. This is the canon sequel


This story is set 2 years after the events of SWGF/GTS original story

Main Characters:

Blake: Tall and strong 18 years old latino boy (long black wavy hair and black eyes, tanned skin). He's grown fighting since he was very young, but his overall stats increased after his first encounter with Blaze. He's reached a higher level than most of people and can put up a fight against Blaze, being able to move at inhuman speed and being able to take a lot more of damage than an average person. He's been training very hard for 2 years

By the way, He's very smart and even gets high notes without studying for exams. And, his latino look is because of his mexican heritage, despite Blake's 3/4 Spanish and just 1/4 Mexican.

Blake stands at 6'2" (190 cm). He has a rare custom, sleeps with more ease in a hammock, because when he lived wit his father, that's how they slept. This particular custom comes from Mexico's Southeastern region, suggesting possible Mayan heritage in Blake's blood, though he doesn't resemble mayan people at all.

He resembles mostly his Spanish heritage, but with Mexican skin tone. His wavy hair is a Spanish trait while its black color is because of the mexican blood. Has several scars on his body, one on his chest, some others in his back and in both arms (near his elbows, he has a scar in each one, slightly above the elbows) and his most noticeable, the one on his right eye (The eye isn't harmed and works perfectly)

He likes videogames but doesn't get to play too often. He likes Hard Rock and mostly Power Metal. He tolerates the rest of music except possibly country, reggaeton (Blake hates it) and pop. He's usually silent, and rarely talks to people he doesn't care about. However, he will protect his girlfriend and/or friends at any cost. Most of his personal motivations and thoughts remain a mystery and only tells about his life to people he trusts.

He's also shy (to girls, specially Joana) and amazingly innocent for someone his age (despite he can coldly calculate his enemies actions and intentions, even analyze their psychology). acting shy even with his own girlfriend, and not showing any particular taste in women.

Joana (Blake's girlfriend): 19 years old beautiful girl. She met Blake in the first day of 7th grade and they've been together since 10th. She's somewhat tall, standing at 5'9" (180 cm). Her hair is light brown and very long, almost reaching her waist, and is wavy. She usually wears it as a ponytail. Her skin is white and she's Spanish. Her body however resembles more a latina.

She surprisingly started liking power metal after hearing it, much to Blake's surprise. Yet she listens music a typical girl would She still acts girly as typical, though in her relationship she takes the initiative. She's smart but just a little above average. Blake's intelligence and maturity are higher than hers. However she's a lot more outgoing than him. And her intuition has proven to be superior to Blake's

Her parents are full blooded Spanish, and she was born in Mexico, where she lived her childhood, until 11 years. For some kind of problem with her being foreign, she lost a school grade, ending up in Blake's class next year. Also shares Blake's custom of being more likely to sleep in a hammocks...

Blaze: The evil guy. Age unknown, but might be almost half of Lith's... A weird unkown being who likes to fight and has found in Blake a tough rival. He looks like a 16 years old boy with long white hair which covers his eyes. (Dark red but they can glow when Blaze's furious or powered up). Stands at Blake's height and seems to have the same body type, though his skin is very pale.

Evil, sadistic, irresponsible and somewhat strange at his methods. He has the power to shrink people, or to do other things like cloning himself at industrial scales, creating powerful armies entirely of clones of himself. He's powerful enough to challenge gods and be at their level, he also has super strength, hyper speed and a lot of durability, being nearly immortal, but his weakness is that only a mortal can kill him.

Also he has a lot of stamina and is difficult to hurt him. He also possesses dark powers and magic, and he can heal back from injuries, though the only one known who deals true damage to him is Blake, and the damage caused by him doesn't repair itself as quick as ordinary damage. Most of time he isn't serious at fights

He always looks the same and doesn't age. He looks like this


http://korone.deviantart.com/art/God-of-the-Moon-13273184 ->The hairstyle covers his eyes like this one but the rest is like the previous one. Only add that he has red eyes and dresses in white and gray. Some times appears with an angel-like suit. That one will be shown later. Also, wears a black inverted cross in a black necklace)

Lith (Millenniums old): Nothing more and nothing less that World's Goddess. She's very kind and supportive. Can grant powers, heal and even resurrect people, though she can't destroy Blaze nor Omega 17. She has naturally green hair and aqua eyes. She is Mother Earth

She looks like this


http://latiscity.deviantart.com/art/Mother-Earth-4504413 -> Her face is more like this one, but with aqua eyes. The rest of her looks like the previous link

Omega 17 (Millenniums old): Unknown being called by many names like the Fallen One or the Dark One. Is mentioned to be the Evil God. Sealed long ago somewhere, in a remote temple. Currently he has no body, and usually appears as a black flaming silhouette with red eyes, but also can appear as The Beast, like this

http://dj88.deviantart.com/art/Lucifer-Number-of-the-beast-113444372 He has another forms but those will be revealed in story's flashbacks. Stay tuned! His true body and form will be shown later in story

Secondary Characters:

Karina (18 years old): A good friend of Joana and Blake, she's cute but isn't Blake's type. She doesn't seem to have more interest about him than friendship and she probably would help if Blake was in trouble (But Joana was the one who has done that the whole time).Blonde with green eyes and short hair. She's Ayrton's girlfriend. Longest female friend of Blake, they met at 4th grade and she was a fighting since those days.

She has still fighting skills, and helps Blake in fights where he's losing by physical disadvantages or numerical...Her body is possibly B cups but hard muscular thighs, and nice hips (as one of her most used attack was kicking). Green eyes. In height she's average, but looks like the petite type (she's shorter than Joana and much lighter) 5'5" (168 cm). approx.

Claire (18 years old): Blake's friend (since 3th year, second longest one since Karina). Very beautiful and the only one even Blake has thought could rival Joana's beauty. Her differences with Joana are that she is actually 3/4 American and 1/4 Japanese, though she retains the japanese eyes, which make her look really sensual (Joana hates this), while Joana's are big, light brown and cute. Stands at 5'6" (170 cm) approx.

Also, though Joana's thighs are thicker, Claire's seem slightly thinner and longer, the other difference is that she has a bit of tummy (and Joana hasn't, because she plays volleyball and basketball. Still, it's not enough to call Claire fat, in fact, it makes her to look kinda cute.). She has black straight hair worn as a ponytail. She hugs and kisses Blake (in cheek) a little often, causing Joana to be jealous of her (that and the obvious rivalry they have over the same guy).

Though she's aware Blake has a girlfriend, most of times she doesn't pay attention to it, as she "only acts friendly". Her feelings to Blake have never been clear as she acted as protective as Joana in the time they didn't know each other. Some times it seems Joana wants just to kill her (And Blake has to appear to prevent it)

She's very likely to help and taking care of Blake, but due to her relationship with Joana, it's not very probable she'd give him back to her (She also acts some times jealous as Joana has a better body and is Blake's girlfriend)

Rocky (8 years, in dog form, he'd look like 20's in anthro form): Black Pitbull belonging to Blake. He's half English Staffordshire and half American Pitbull. A good dog, who often helps Blake when fighting in streets (though in school Blake fights alone or with Karina's help)

Is bigger than an ordinary pitbull, standing almost as tall as Joana when on two. He's not skinny nor fat like rottweilers. He's toned and his body is a bit thick but muscular. His snout is a bit longer and sharper than a pitbull's.

As an anthro, is a big guy, with a thick yet muscular body. He would stand at 6'3" (195 cm), but looking far bulkier than Blake, who has a balanced musclar body (NO STEROIDS, but still, larger muscles than average people). Very strong and is the most resistant. He can take more damage than any other anthro. His bite easily crushes bones and his hand-paws can cause big wounds. His face would look like this: http://www.bull911.com/img/black-pitbull.jpg

Max (6 years, would look 18 in anthro form): White half-siamese cat. Not much to say besides also protects Blake's department and is Rocky's best friend besides Blake himself. Very shy to a female cat called Tabitha

As an anthro, Max is very fast and has the best reflexes. His claws on both hand-paws and feet-paws can slash deeply. As an anthro he'd stand almost as tall as Blake, at 6'1". A little disadvantage is that his energies run out faster due to being a feline (all felines have low stamina)

He'd look like this, but the darker orange parts are brown instead, and the light orange fur is white. He has zaphire blue eyes also: http://media.photobucket.com/image/half%20siamese%20cat/SeriestaSalamare/Warrior...

Tabitha (5 years, would look 19 in anthro form): Female bicolor cat (black and white, with half of her face white and other black, also, most of her legs' fur is white and look like long boots)

As an anthro, she has most of Max's traits though she looks more delicate as her body is shaped more femininely. Tabitha is faster than Max but even in her animal form it was obvious she was a female (delicate face and body, some female cats are practically identical to males).

She has better reflexes and even in her animal form, was far better at hunting than Max, which proves her superior speed and agility. However, Max was the one who along Rocky, protected the house and themselves from stray animals.

She as an anthro would stand at 5'5". But her body is thinner and more the petite type. Possibly C-cups and moderate hips.

In her animal form she looked like this: http://thecatsite.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/cat_81_reg-400x181.jpg
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1002/542211514_c824b82668.jpg?v=0 ->she doesn't wear collar

And yeah, half of her face is white and other is black. Green eyes.

D'Artagnan (5 years, would look 17 in anthro form): A Belize slider turtle. As an anthro is pretty well balanced and has a good level of strenght and speed, plus the shell as an armor, light and very resistant. His claws are sharper than Rocky's but less than Max's, though they're smaller.

If for any reason a fight gets taken underwater, D'Artagnan definitively PWNS anyone. In ground is very fast, and can resist very much, even possibly more than Rocky due to his shell, but is not as fast as Max. He uses most advanced fighting moves based in Blake's own moves. Has yellow eyes. Also, his body is very flexible, specially his neck. Weakness: Cold weather

He looks like this (animal form): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Belize_slider.jpg

At his anthro form he'd stand as tall as Max, but he'd have his long flexible and muscular neck. His legs and arms would be more muscled than Max's but not as bulky as Rocky's. He has a medium toned body, resembling Blake a lot. For some reason, he's the smartest of Blake's pets

Other recurring characters may appear but with minor roles (As Cinthya and her friends, or Lillian, though her role would be even minor.)

Friendly Thinker 's CHARACTERS

All of them are main...

Ryan Hostetter, a.k.a Ryan H. (19 years old)
A boy who lived a normal life until after high school when he went on a journey that lead him to find himself and found his inner powers, but some others were given to him like his flowing blade. He somehow found a way into Ryan Kasshi’s world who is like him in some way.

They descend from Kings but don't like it at all because they want to live normal lives. They have met love of two girls, Kagome Higurashi and Chiharu Shinonome, but they soon felt their source of power were breaking so they felt pain until the inner power seals were broken.

Ryan has trained his senses to the highest point and he has developed a few special abilities; true defense, hidden strength, god speed and his balance of power which is a surprise for his opponents because that is his favorite trick along with some mind games. He wears fingerless gloves because they work for him and he wears a hooded cloak.

Ryan Kasshi
: A boy with a brother and sister who lost his parents and living with his brother till they moved to Japan looking for their sister. Ryan’s powers are different from his friend even though they share some powers and his protect his friends with his life for sure. He like his friend because they are superheroes and true monster killers, but his friend became a writer so he wrote about their adventures and wrote stories about their friends. Ryan and kagome had been friends since they went to the same high soon they started going out, but that would be when ryan with chiharu started going out too. Both ryan’s have found love at first sight and ryan was always able to make friends. He got a job like his father as a game tester plus developer and the future was bright for them because he married kagome while his friend married chiharu to have a kid each. Their kids are friends even they got their father’s hero job and he still has speed with him because he favors speed.

Kagome Higurashi (15 years old): A girl who didn’t know her father was living a normal life until she bumped into Ryan Kasshi they became friends even though their group of friends grew because Ryan saves people as his job with his friend, the writer Ryan which he had a thing for her until Ryan saved her from a demon who grabbed her while pulling her into the well so he went after Kagome.

Soon after they were captured by villagers who thought they were demons and Ryan transformed into his demon form after he got her friend free. She had the shikkon no tama within her body so he pulled it out of her body. Time passes as they are getting closer and she is supporting him when he was going to college then they were dating.

He loves her enough to fight his inner demon to the death and she hit him with an arrow through his heart. Soon they make the jewel disappear for good and they focus on their future. Chiharu, the kids, and her don’t have the inner power seals like the two Ryans.

Chiharu Shinonome (15 years old)
A girl who also didn’t know her father and she was working with her lover, Ryan on a special suit until they met when she went to the island of Cyber Castlevania to attack him and the suit was designed to stop the body movements of the wearer.

She met Ryan when someone stole her purse and he got it back for her, but she didn’t know that he was a cop and they met again when Ryan paints her portrait. Soon she and her former coworker met again in a tournament when she is wearing the same ninja suit so she was still excepted into their family and the suit was bugged so the suit went haywire.

Ryan neutralized it without hurting her and found the bug while also giving her a check up. Soon they start dating after he has met her family, he saved her school from a tidal wave with his water dragon warrior and she was the right one for him because he fought his darkness for her in his own realm where he took her to see his memories besides she is the light in his darkness. She has her own ninja suit and it has some of Ryan’s powers in it because she will always be with him.

Karimaneo “Kari” Kasshi (16 years old): The child of Ryan and Kagome Kasshi who is a good natured girl even though she has Ryan's demon power and Kagome’s priestess power in her body.

She is young, with her mother’s beauty and father’s power, but she has been training with her best friend, Raynaru because their father wanted them to not be scared by their powers. She has the crystal heart necklace that her made for her with special beads and she has always worn it since her 10th birthday.

Being his daughter was strange because people would want to be her friend for a reason and she said no except for Ray because he was like her. They got their father’s hero job and she is doing it very well with ray. They have been together since their childhood and they started to think about each other after the prom which they were king and queen for the night.

They haven't yet felt their inner power seal breaking so it will happen soon and they are better than their fathers in some ways in their job. Her demon power has been there to save her when Ray was busy with the same job or a different job.

Raynaru “Ray” Shinonome
The child of Ryan Hostetter and Chiharu Shinonome is a good natured boy who is like his father in some ways. His training brought him great control over his powers like Kari and they're a fairy princess and a beast prince.

They had dragon partners, Senna with Samu who were of royal blood so that trip was known and they dropped by to see them with Eragon and his girlfriend. Both families were happy to see them again till trouble starts for the kids and they go do their job.

Ray is strong, protective, charming, smart, and loyal to his friends and family. He wears several necklaces around his neck because his father did the same for the memory of the family. Ray is like his father because they try to beat each other and the same thing goes for him with Kari when out fighting multiple fights. Ray and Kari have been doing everything together since they were kids and soon the love issue will show itself to them. Ray may get the twin inner power seals because he is like his father and that will be a sight to see.

Luigi P. 's Characters

Jak is the main character of the Giantess "Crush" Dream series. He is 17 years old. He is a guy who takes life calmly, and tries to be optimstic about everything. Jak has some Brazillian Jutsu skills. About 5'8, has brown eyes, his body is not fat but not too skinny, and has light-darkish skin, and has African-American traits. He's more of a passionate video gamer, playing since he was 4, and likes almost all types of music, except country. (Taylor Swift is an exception.) Likes to Joke around, but at the same time gets serious when needed.

Jak is very likeable because of his genuine kindness towards others, more of a peaceful guy. Had a rough start with high school, but hes a very smart kid, getting As and Bs. In his free time, he makes dancing and singing vids, which are very popular among his classmates.

According to the prophecy and Nostory, Jak was the key and the dreamer to the existence of Angels and Deamons. Nostory added that ‘The Great War will begin anew, and a dreamer will be the precursor to the Chaos.’ However, what role the Jak play in the hands of Nostory? Is there more to Jak than meets the eye?

Jasmine is another main character. She is 18 years old. She is Jak's girlfriend. She is a little curious at times, and she's always been kind to others, but can be a little too excited at times. She is also the recarination of a goddess, so she has growth powers. About 5'3, has blue eyes, and has more of tanned skin color, and she has caucasian traits. She's your typical girly girl, going out with friends, and is very smart. She's a volunteer and is in most school clubs. She's a bit more thicker, and just a beauiful person.

Jasmine is a cheerleader, as well, smart and is very protective of Jak. She feels that she has a duty to protect her boyfriend, powers or no powers. Being a Goddess, Jasmine’s abilities go beyond just growth. She has a fast healing factor, and can make a few energy blasts. She also can shrink people, although it’s not used for battle, she’s used it to her advantage before. She’s mainly a tough and gritty brawler, knowing the art of Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Jasmine also has a sixth sense when it comes to Jak, allowing her to sense when he's hurt, injured, or near danger.

Nostory is the Deamon who commands all of the Deamon Horde. His goal is to take over the real world, but Jak, Jasmine, and the others have stood in his way for a few years. Nostory will go to extremes to get what he wants. He is a very powerful foe, who can rival any power.

Seth is Nostory's powerful Ally. He sided with Nostory years ago. And he hates Shadow very very much. He killed an old friend that made Seth want to kill Shadow. Her name was Lylthe. Seth is just as ruthless and cunning as Nostory is, and he's just as powerful.

Yasmin is the clone of Jasmine, so she has the same growth powers, and she has some dark powers as well, so she can be considered the "false goddess" who rivals Jasmine.

Deamons are beings of darkness, who all have traits of beast, like claws or talons. They are an older breed of regular demons

Shadow. Secondary character. He is a Deamon. He used to work for Nostory. He helped Jak and Jasmine to go against Nostory. Before Jak and Jasmine went back to the real world. He told them that they would meet again. Age is Unknown but seems to be in his mid 20's. Shadow is a very formidable opponent. He also has a little thing for Kate.

Kate Berlin. Another secondary character, she works for LOR, a rebel group who is determined to stop the Deamon race and put their plans to rest. She met up with Shadow, Jak, and Jamsine and joined them to stop Nostory. She isn't a part of the real world, but also would meet Jak and Jasmine they would meet again. Age is 23, she's very active, and has very good sword skills with her katana. She's also a little attracted to Shadow. Kate is also a human-angel hybrid, showing that she has exceptional agility and strength than the average human, being a able to keep up with Nostory in sword combat with her trusty Katana.

Pen 's Characters

Zenn: 17 years old. He lost everything he ever had. His family is dead, all thanks to Jaxx. Everytime he gets close to someone they disappear or use him for their own selfish reasons. Due to this he doesn't connect with people, filling all of his time with training himself to fight Jaxx. Jaxx has sent him to other places seemingly training him for his own reasons. After spending time in a world with a master race of giants, he doesn't trust people that are big enough to kill him easily (or anyone else for that matter, but beyond regular people with the giants. He has long black hair and orange eyes, with average features otherwise. Skinny but he is a bunch of ropy muscle.

Uses 2 techniques mostly for fighting: Fireblades (swords formed from fire) and Flamerunning (forming foot-sized platforms of fire in the air, allowing to get high up without exerting a lot of energy

Jaxx: Zenn's Enemy. Not sure how old he is, probably around 40. Seems to be training Zenn for something by sending him to different dimensions to fight and survive. Dresses in a full black cloak with a white mask with eye slits only. Uses the same techniques as Zenn, but the fire is also fueled by darkness.

Isp: A spirit of ice. For its own reasons, bent on freezing over many dimensions. In battle it takes three forms. One, a huge beast made of ice. Two, a huge humanoid form, also made of ice. Three, a human form that has many ice powers at it's disposal.

-No gay/lesbian stuff
-Joana's not evil.(Other characters can go free about their behavior to Blake or James)
-Feet are ok but take on count that Blake doesn't like them more than an average boy.

And, though Friendly Thinker, Luigi P and me will be adding, I invite the readers to try, there will be a lot of free choices, as in my other stories. You can be a better writer if you just try (I was myself a reader for a long time, afraid of adding but I decided to try and write by my own, because I'm not as good with characters I don't know)
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