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  1. The first five
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A story about Age regression, fan fiction and adult babies, that any one can add to!
Chapter #1

The first five

    by: tom darcenn
So here are your first choices:

1) "Babysit-Babysat" (Mental/ and later physical)
17 year old Jane harkman, volunteers to babysit a slightly weird couples daughter Amy (around six), and the first thing she does once there is they play a game of house with Amy as the mommy and Jane as the baby, but as time goes on they seem to be taking this game a little seriously. What's happening to Jane’s mind? How can she be lifted and easily hurt by a six year old who is barely half her height? And why does everything, even Amy seem to be getting bigger? Now naturally this just her mind playing tricks on her as Amy is just a sweet little six year old... or is she?

2) "PUNISHMENT" (Forced)
This time they have been cault, Sarah Jason and Alex Truman (both sixteen, and both about 5ft3) are finally cault, the list of crimes that they supposedly did is sixteen miles long, but this time they have been cault, the crime, slashing their teachers cars tiers and vandalising her house, the punishment? The mothers manage to convince the authorise to let them off, but the girls aren't out of hot water yet? Both their mothers decided to regresses their daughters back to babies as punishment over the summer holidays, but both mothers can't take time off work, so who is going to watch there "Babies"? Answer two babysitters, and who are the babysitters? Just two girls who Alex and Sarah babysitted (and tortured) when they were twelve, but now at fourteen both have had their growth spurts and tower over their old tormenters. The girls are in for a heck of a summer with, two mothers who have turned them back to babies, two babysitters that are fuelled on hatred and anger towards them and the occasional popping round of a friend or foe to add a little more pain to the punishment.

3) "Hermonie's mistake?" (Fan fiction) (Mental)
Did Hermione really make such a big mistake with her temporal youth potion, or did someone add a little something to it? And what are the side effects? Could it have something to do with her loss of continence, and forced her to wear diapers (start with bed wetting and move on up), or her continual tempory child like behaviour and childish wims. Fortunately Ginny being a good friend, once she finds out starts looking after Hermione and the Christmas holidays come as a relief as there is virtually no one left at Hogwarts except her and Ginny, but is that a good thing? (Note this can involve Ginny having mental regression to but that your choice)

4) "Big girls don't wear diapers" (Forced)
19 year old sally Jackson goes to stay with her aunt for a few days, but her seven foot tall Amazon of aunt has other ideas, she decides that sally is going to become the baby she never had, and how does she do it? Making sally stay in a oversized babies nursery, lock all the bathroom doors so she has to use diapers, and taking all her clothes, and giving her only oversized baby ones to wear is properly a step in the right direction, but what is her secret weapon? And after it is used does sally remember being a adult? Or is she now a real baby?

5) Baby on Waverly place (fan fiction) (Mental/temporarily physical)
Alex never paied any attention in her wizard studies and now it has come back to haunt her. A strange magical artefact arrives out of nowhere and Alex, thing it looks good takes it, however it starts to have strange effects on her and soon she finds herself becoming split between the her normal self and her younger self, and somehow the artefact seems to be having effects on mortals (and dumb wizards), is Alex really becoming a baby or is it just a joke? And if it isn't why do others seem to think she is? And is there a cure?

You have the following choices:

1. Babysit-Babysat


3. Hermonie's mistake?

4. Big girls don't wear diapers

5. Baby on Waverly place

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