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by Mr. E
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #1650291
Die and come back to life and explore more than one woman or body part at a time.

Die and come back to life and explore more than one woman or body part at a time.

This is an interactive story containing 328 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is where my main work is at now http://mr-e2.deviantart.com/

1-22-11 check out my New interactive "Giantess Dreams where you can read about mine and others Giantess dreams they've had.
OLD! Until after Christmas I have a New Contest in my Poll. At least one character is from this specific interactive (guess which one?) Check it out and see if your girl Won! "Whos your Favorite Character from SwFF&M

I got tons of pics so whenever a character gets some chapters added i'll post them up here. just make sure you let me know
Original Contest from my other stories is up when you add a chapter you get your profile posted here on the main page.

Im Done adding for Bianca and everybody else, so Add as much as you want. im gonna take a break until the story gets started soon. all i want to save for myself is jennifers mother. lots of GP For Additions

One day you find a machine that can grant your desire to shrink and clone yourself around any one you want!
It's Kinda like a sequel to my original story Shrunk with Friends, Family and More

A Few Rules:
Nothing gay except lesbians and NO male characters unless they shrink too.
make sure to give at least 2 options when continuing a story and not just one
anything is ok but this is whats preferred Feet Butt Boobs Belly Soft Hard Vore Crush Ass Pussy Vagina Death Life Mouth Play Toilet Slave Humiliation Pet Toy Breasts Enlargement Expansion Voyeur Gentle Evil Tits Stomach Throat Bug Gore Micro Aware Unaware Growth Shrinkage AV Unbirth Growing Body Exploration Tiny Teasing Bug Insertion Scat Sex Dildo Anal Clit Clone Digestion or no Digestion !
Everyone is now over 18. I dont feel like changing hundreds of chapters
if you want to end the story go ahead just make sure theres one chapter before giving the OPTION to let him live or die or so on
try NOT to add any 1 or 2 sentence chapters and try to write clear. for example dont do this"OMG you smell my feet now get in my mouth bye you dead in my tummy" haha try to avoid that. And No Plagiarism!
Basic Guidelines (They can be changed)Wear the watch at all times. It can shrink, clone or revive you from death. The machine can teleport you anywhere once, but not back home. You can only grow back if you touch the machine (not the watch). (these guidelines can be bent)

Your Home
You: 18 or 19 brown hair brown eyes. Just graduated high school, going to college soon.
Step mom Stephanie. Black hair green eyes 35 d breasts and a big ol’ butt she's so hot yo uwish you married her before your dad did but its too late now. or is it? she kinda likes you but that could change if you piss her off.
Lucy older sister brown hair blue eyes, ddd boobs, nice butt, usually in a bikini. Used to work at hooters. 25 pretty ditzy and not one of the smart ones. You think she might be adopted.

Amanda your younger step sister by one or two years. black hair, green eyes, younger version of her mom but with whiter skin, upper b cup boobs and a tight firm ass. 18. A natural born trouble maker. She doesn’t like you and is always trying to pin stuff on you that you didn’t do. http://artistic-feet.deviantart.com/art/Pink-and-Purple-191778713?q=favby%3A100l... maybe amanda

Little sister Katie. Blonde hair blue eyes, immature, slightly slim body but still has some baby fat. she's a total brat and you wish she would leave you alone and stop bugging you
Her two friends are Sally and Neena http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/35/55500684.jpg/
Maria Espinoza, your sexy maid. Half Puerto Rican, Half Cuban 43. Black hair, only 5ft 4 and has a huge ass that she has to buy special jeans to fit her butt in. D cup breasts. You’ve asked her many times to wear a French maid outfit but she just gets mad and pretends not to know English for the rest of the day.
you took this picture while spying out your window while she climbed out of the hot tub in your backyard

Aunt and Cousins House.
Cousin, Bianca. Light brown hair, brown eyes, b cup breasts, and a cute butt. Used to be a little fat but not anymore.
Biancas' friend piper she's her best friend with golden blonde hair, blue eyes, she's skinny but with large c cup breasts for her age. Rich and kinda preppy.

Aunt Cassidy. Bianca's mom, 32, blonde hair blue eyes, large c cup boobs, and a nice big booty. Usually wears a visible thong in jeans or sweatpants.

cousin named Kacie. She had shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes, and wears braces.
26 year old cousin Jordana They live together by themselves and get along pretty well but still like their space since they're 11 years apart in age. Jordana is kind of a flirt and Kacie is turning out to be the same way.
23 year old cousin Eva, visiting from Italy. dark olive skin from tanning and being Italian, black hair usually tied back in a bun or ponytail, blue eyes, Not fat but has some small love handles on her. A spoiled rotten, bitch that only lives to go clothes shopping and tanning at the beach in her favorite dark blue bikini.

Aunt Sylvia. 4'8 she's a nice person, usually gentle, but hates to be the shortest out of everyone she knows. You used to be her favorite nephew but once you hit that growth spurt and became taller than her, Katie became her favorite niece and you were old news. Black hair, decent size c cup breasts and cute, big butt for someone so short.
Cousin Melanie. 27 years old Red wavy hair, blue eyes, Total BItch. She doesn’t have any morals at all and is a pure Gold digger. The only thing she cares about is money and how she can make more. She’s a distant third cousin whom you never liked but has DDD boobs a nice round, juicy apple butt.

Girlfriends Places
Girlfriend Madison blond cheerleader you’ve been dating her for a couple of weeks, not the smartest girl but she's a good fuck and has a rockin hot body.
http://bananachili.deviantart.com/art/Huggles-102388468?q=favby%3A100latino%2F42... awesome blonde girl big feet
Ex Girlfriend Gina 22. Evil Bitch. you used to date her but she cheated on you with a bunch of guys. now shes a stripper and has an alcohol problem
Katherine Brothers ex girlfriend. Super hot Brunette you always wished was your girlfriend. shes nice but she does have a Dangerous playful side.

Holly your best friend. she's kind of sporty and plays soccer and volleyball, she's gentle and kind, and she's someone you can trust to take care of you while you’re small.
Kendall: Holly's olders Sister, Super Hot. not much else to say except that. look for yourself.
Jaina: Holly's little sister who has a crush on you but you dont pay much attention to her.
Secret Girlfriend: Super Secret.

Neighbors house
Sierra and Cheri their not at home right now so you'll have to go to their personal gym and check out where the two hottest blondes you know go to workout with other hot chicks.
Monica. your Rival in school. she hates you with a passion and will do anyhting to humiliate you.
http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/340/monetfindsyouwithfriend.jpg/ Monica and cheerleading friend Cheri
http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/816/monethungry.jpg/ Monica tempted to eat tiny man.
Andrea: Monicas Mom and total Milf.

Tina. Latin american Hottie with the Biggest Ass in school
Lacy. Tina's Older sister who's almost always wearing a bikini.
Catalina" Tina's mother. Very Strict and Severe when it comes to Punishment.
Carrie: she's in the "Adult Enterainment" business and does just about anything,anyone asks her to do. dyes her hair different colors all the time so she could look like anyone No Limitations on her any kind of kinky behavior is encouraged.
Blond mom in her 40's and her raven haired teenage daughter Jennifer. They live next door to you and are quiet and keep to themselves. Jennifer Loves to read Imaginative, Fantasy Books by Authors like Maurice Sendak and M. C. Escher.
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