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You come into possession of a device that lets you switch things between people

You come into possession of a device that lets you switch things between people

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
One day, two people discover a strage object that gives them each something called a Personal Aspect Interchanging Device, or PAID for short. These devices let them exchange certain things with other people and alters reality so that only they are aware.

Main Characters:
Alex Williams - 16 years old. Karen's best friend and boyfriend.
Karen Jones - 16 years old. Alex's best friend and girlfriend.
They've both known eachother since they were young.

Other Characters:
Elizabeth Williams - Alex's mother.
Steven Wiliams - Alex's father.
Kate Williams - 7 years old. Alex's younger sister.
Zack Williams - 20 years old. Alex's older brother. Attends the local college.

Amanda Jones - 7 yeras old. Karen's younger sister. Friends with Alex's sister
Matt Jones - 10 years old. Karen's younger brother. Doesn't get along with his sister Stephanie. Looks up to Alex and Zack.
Stephanie Jones - 18 years old, Karen's older sister. Gets along well with her sisters. A cheerleader,

Greg Parker - 16 years old. A good friend of Alex and Karen.
Erica Martin - 16 years old. A good friend of Alex and Karen, and Greg's girlfriend.
Amy Lewis - 16 years old. A friend of Alex and Karen. On the soccer team.
Mike Wilson - 17 years old. A friend of Alex and Karen.
Pete Thomas - 18 years old. Stephanie's boyfriend.
Rebecca White - 17 years old. A cheerleader, and really stuck up. Doesn't like Alex, Karen and their friends.
John Peterson - 18 years old. A member of the football team and Rebecca's boyfriend. Like his girlfriend, doesn't like Alex, Karen, and their friends.
Christy Baker - 7 years old. Friends with Kate and Amanda.
Tommy Davidson - 10 years old. Matt's best friend.
Linda Smith - A friend and co-worker of Alex's mother, Elizabeth.

You can add other characters if you want.

Types of switches:
-Body: You switch bodies with your target. People will still treat you as yourself. Clothing does not switch with the body and readjusts to fit the new body comfortably.

-Clothing: You switch the clothes you are wearing with the targets. Clothing will readjusts to fit you comfortably. You will also switch all other clothes you own with theirs. If you switch clothing with a person of the opposite gender, you will now be expected to dress like that gender by others. For example, if Karen switches clothing with Alex, people will find it wierd if Karen wears girl's clothes unless she switches clothing with another girl.

-Life: You switch lives with that person. People will now treat you as that person. The person will act as if they have always had the life of the one they now had and will act like that person. You keep keep your own body, and your first name stays the same.

-Personality: You switch personalities with that person. People will still treat you as yourself, but you will now act like that person, while still being aware that you are yourself. People will find your sudden change in personality normal.

-Personal Info: Contain partial versions of other other switches, as well as others. Single or multiple Interests, skills, hobbies, occupations, and many others.

When you do a switch, reality adjusts so that everyone but those with a PAID will think things have always been like that.
While the device is in use, time will stop except for you and others who possess the PAID that are nearby. You will not be able to move from your current location though.

If switching with another person with a PAID, both must agree to what will be switched.

Switches are only between the user and the target.
Any switches that are currently applied will be switched to the target. For example, if Alex switches lives with his mother, and then his sister, his sister will have his mother's life, Alex will have his sister's life, and their mother will still have Alex life.

While you will be aware of changes to reality, you are not completely immune to them. Some switches come with side effects.
Even though you will be completely aware that the switch happened, switches that affect you mentally such as Personality and certain Personal Info options will have full effect. You will know that you have switched, but how you now act will seem perfectly normal to you.
When using the Life and Personality options together, if you switch lives with someone, and then switch personalities with that person while still in their life, you will receive their own original personality instead of the personality of their current life.

The PAID only works on humans.

Also, the devices have a glitch that will occasionally activate and do a switch on you of its own choosing. Switches done this way don't need to be agreed upon if with another PAID user. After a switch done this way, the PAID must reboot and is unusable for 30 minutes. The more PAIDs present in one place increases the odds of this glitch occuring.

You can introduce other characters with PAIDs if you want.

No killing off characters
No ending the story after just a few short chapters

Have fun!
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