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Some store employees get involved in some TG shenanigans.

Some store employees get involved in some TG shenanigans.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is a story about a group of store workers in a small town in England, and in the story one or more of the characters will develop a particular power or come into possession of a particular device that they then use to entertain themselves etc. The store where they work, Wilkinson (or Wilko), is a small-medium hardware store in Rotherham town center that has many other shops of all kinds. However it is NOT a mall, the store is located on a main street that leads down to the town's bus and coach terminal.

: One power that a character can receive is the ability to swap body parts between any two people, themselves included, the parts can be anything, from heads to feet, providing the parts are corresponding.
: Another other power they can acquire is the ability to morph a person's body in any way (try to keep it sensible), and they can also morph a people's clothing.
: The said character can also gain the ability to possess other people's bodies (in whichever way you like). The people whose bodies they take over will have no memory of what he does while in their bodies (unless mentioned).

Note: There will also be other story ideas, such as devices/remotes for swapping body parts etc.

Wilko Employees

Elizabeth, 26, the acting manager of the store following the sudden departure of the previous one. She has short blonde hair in a pixie cut and is of petite build, standing about 5'5" without her heels on. At work always wears a trouser suit (sometimes a skirt suit), and high heels, her B-Cup breasts are a "nice handful". Elizabeth was single until recently, but she is now dating a man named Carl, 28.

Liz, 29, is the store's staff supervisor. She is nearly 5'4" tall, quite petite...but she makes her presence known. Her blondish-brown hair is long, past her shoulders and she wears it in a ponytail. She has size 30H-cup breasts and an average female figure. She is a bit of a tomboy regarding clothes, hardly ever seen wearing a skirt or a dress, even out of work hours. While at work she wears a red, company polo shirt, black, boot-cut trousers, black socks and a pair of flat, black leather, lace-up shoes. Liz is engaged to her fiance Eric, 44, but their relationship is going through a rough patch.

Andrea, 50, a good friend of Steven's and a very pleasant woman/work colleague. She also has short blonde hair, is a 'full-figured' woman, and her breasts of course match her body size. She stands about 5'5" tall. She is married to her husband Tony, 51, and they have a chubby 10-year old son called Thomas. Andrea also has two children from a previous marriage, Callum, 31, and Carly, 29.

Gail, 50, one of the shortest people present at just 5'1" and also a bit chubby. She is VERY loud, and is the butt of most of the jokes that circulate around the store during working hours. Long blonde hair with dark roots, usually permed and up in a bun, her wrinkled face gave away her age more than it did with Andrea. Gail is also a smoker and likes to go out for a cigarette at break. She is married to her husband Gerald, 52, and they have one child, a son named Robert, 18.

Steven, a 32-year old, he is 6'0" tall, he wears glasses and is not handsome compared to most men but he's not ugly either. His lack of self-confidence is the main reason why he is still a virgin. He isn't one for going out and enjoying himself with others, preferring to stay indoors. He nonetheless likes and gets along with his co-workers, well...most of them at least.

Natalie, 25, one of the more outgoing employees, she's an attractive girl with shoulder-length, straight brunette hair, she stands 5'6" tall and is very slender, has a tight backside and breasts that are just into a C-Cup. She's not overly curvy but she is still very pleasing to the eye. She has recently got engaged to her fiance Mike, 26. Natalie likes to go out partying and likes to chat to her co-workers, but she can be angered if pushed too far by anyone.

Rebekah, 17, one of the youngest staff members, she's a very cute girl, about 5'5" tall, long blonde hair, has B-Cup breasts, has a small gap between her front teeth that makes her look even cuter. She has a very warm personality and a pleasure to get on with. Rebekah is currently single, though her co-worker Luke does have quite a severe crush on her.

Debbie, 53, is also of short stature, standing at almost 5'4", has short black hair, wears glasses and her age is also quite apparent. Tending to suffer from migraines, she nonetheless stays cheeful and keeps everyone entertained, she has a great personality but isn't scared to use 'questionable' language. She's married to her husband Brian, 52, who she has known from childhood. They have two sons together, Scott, 23, and Anthony, 18.

Aaron, 24, he is about 5'10" tall, quite fit physically and always wears a baseball cap while working. He is the second youngest male employee in the store and is also a heavy smoker. He finds it hard not to include foul language in normal conversation. Known for his temper, he sometimes refrains from speaking to anyone if he is in a bad mood. Most staff tend not to speak with Aaron unless they know he's in a decent mood.

Helen, 40, standing about 5'7" tall, she is a very pleasant and likeable woman, with shoulder length, wavy black hair. She is very quiet and has a very girlish giggle when laughing, she is also a smoker, and she's married (to her husband Phil), like most of the other women who work in the store. She has large C-Cup breasts and is not what people would call 'slender', but neither is she a large woman. She doesn't have any kids.

Yvonne, 43, she has cropped, fair hair and stands about 5'6", she is a very pleasant woman providing she isn't pissed off, she is known for having a bit of a temper. Recently split from her husband, she has nonetheless survived the hardship, which is a testament to her strong personality. She also has C-Cup breasts, but like Helen's, age has taken their toll on them a little. She has a daughter named Julia, 19.

Becca, 21, is one of the more 'unique' workers in the store, standing about 5'5" She has perky, B-Cup breasts and has a large sexy ass. She is a goth and is always changing her hair color (currently blood red) and she likes clothes with a 'dark' style to them. She also wears a lot of eye shadow and eye liner, along with dark lipstick. Becca is difficult to start a conversation with, but once she's started talking, it's difficult to shut her up. At work she wears tight black jeans and either dark, skull motif hi-top sneakers or black & red Doc Martins, along with her Wilko polo shirt. Becca does not have a boyfriend as she is picky about who she dates.

Nicola, 42, a woman of small stature (about 5'0" high) and mother of five children, she is very outgoing and polite, wears her dyed blonde hair up in a bun most of the time, but occasionally she lets it down. Clothing style (at work) is usually a compulsory red company polo shirt, black pants/trousers and a pair of comfortable black flats. Nicola has a pair of 36C breasts. Her husband is called John, 41, and their five children are named Ellie, 16, Jordan, 15, Joshua, 13, Grace, 11 and Elijah, 8.

"Waggy", 35, is a bubbly platinum blonde woman. She is 5'5", always in a good mood and knows how to have a laugh, is a bit of a party girl. She's the mother of two toddlers, Jack and Eden, she has a slender build and average breasts. At work she has on a pair of black trousers and black, slip-on shoes as well as her red company top.

Luke, 19, a tall individual at 6'2" in height, has a short, crew cut hairstyle and is quite handsome. He's not been working at the store for long. He is fairly well liked by his colleagues and is easy going, always one to have a laugh with his friends. He wears a red, button up, company shirt, black pants and smart, dress shoes. Luke doesn't yet have a girlfriend, but does have a huge crush on Rebekah.

Tracey, 40, 5'7", is quite a heavyset woman who wears glasses, she is unpopular with a lot of the other staff members but has befriended the senior staff, She has a superiority complex and never stops talking, she even interrupts other people's conversations. The usual red polo shirt and black trousers is this time accompanied by a pair of black shoes with elasticated straps that Tracey wears all the time. Can definitely be classed as a hypocrite. Tracey is married to her husband Keith and she has a daughter named Bethany, 17, who is definitely like her mother in terms of personality and in appearance.

Laura, 16, another 'newbie', a shy, quiet girl. Standing about 5'5" tall, she wears her dusty blonde hair in a pigtail at work, and wears the trademark company polo shirt, black, boot-cut trousers, black tights underneath and a pair of sensible black flats with a single strap across the top of each foot. This delightful individual has perky B-Cup breasts. She is currently single but is in the market for a boyfriend. Laura is best friends with Rebekah, having known her since childhood.

Mona, 17, a pretty Iranian-born Muslim girl, about 5'4" in height, black hair (she does not wear a headscarf, unlike her mother), she wears glasses, has pert little breasts and as well as the usual company top, she wears trousers and either a pair of ballet flats or hi-top sneakers. She also has braces on her teeth like Becky. Wears a necklace and a bracelet, both with an Islamic symbol hanging from them. Mona is single, like most of her friends.

Charlotte, a 17-year old girl, very loud and 'rude' sometimes, she isn't one for keeping her opinion to herself regardless how offensive it might be deemed to others. She is the tallest girl at 5'9" tall, wears her dark hair in a bun most time, and occasionally in a ponytail or down, she also has B-Cup breasts and a nice figure. Charlotte has no boyfriend, but does have a lesbian friend called Maddy, 17, who is a lesbian and has a secret crush on her.

New Employees

Jade, 26, is Wilko's assistant supervisor. She is an attractive woman, she stands at 5'4" and has a decent figure including a shapely ass and perky C-cup breasts. She keeps her shoulder-length blonde hair in a ponytail at work. Elizabeth hired Jade due to her previous years working at supermarkets. Jade is a pleasant woman, always polite and hard to anger, and she currently wears a loose-fitting polo shirt, a pair of form-fitting black jeans, socks and a pair Waldlaufer black ladies walking shoes. Jade is engaged to her fiancé Jake, 28, and they are trying to have their first child together.

Kevin, 36, is the store's security guard. He is an imposing character at 6'3", and is built sturdy while not being overly muscular. Despite his appearance, he is an easy going guy, likes to have a laugh. He keeps his brown hair shaved close, wears casual clothes to assist in his job of catching thieves and patrols the store's aisles when he isn't in the security office. Kevin has a 5'7", 33-year old and blonde girlfriend called Sharon.

Shaun, 41, is a guy with a great sense of humor and is also a good worker. He is 5'10" tall, has a sturdy build but isn't too muscular, he keeps his brown hair shaved to the scalp. Shaun gets along well with Steven especially out of the other staff, the two known to have a good laugh when working together. Shaun is in a relationship with his long-time blonde girlfriend Samantha, 39. Shaun wears a pair of black trousers, socks and black work boots with his red company polo shirt.

Jane, 28, is a bubbly, dark-haired woman who has a great sense of humor and a sharp wit. And her intelligence and friendlyness is matched by her good looks. She has long, straight black hair, a slender figure and perky B-cup breasts. Originally from London, she moved to the north of England a few years back after breaking up with her last boyfriend James. She wears the usual company polo shirt to work, along with a black skirt, black tights and a pair of cute black suede ankle boots with chunky heels.

Andy, 27, is an average looking guy with short dark hair and a well-groomed beard and mustache. He is 5'10" tall, has a normal build for a man his age, and he has a great sense of humor, always willing to have a chat and a joke with anyone. Andy is an avid gamer, and he is always eager to play online with his friends. He wears a pair of black cargo pants, socks and a pair of well-worn, red and black hi-top sneakers. Andy currently does not have a girlfriend.

Mike, 29, is a deligent worker with a love of cars and he is also keen on video games like Andy. 6'0" tall, with some patchy facial stubble. He is a friendly guy who likes to focus on work as well as chatting with his co-workers. He has an average build and really likes to wear casual clothes like Andy, which is why he wears black jeans and navy and white sneakers at work. Mike has a girlfriend called Louise, 30, who is the owner of a small book shop in the town center.

Ashleigh, 25, known as Ash by everyone who knows her, is a lively redhead, very attractive and with luscious hair that she wears down almost to her waist (occasionally in a ponytail). She is very loud, but in a good way, she has a curvy figure that some might call 'full', and she has a pair of D-cup breasts to compliment her good looks. She wears a pair of black faded jeans and a pair of womens' black patent combat-style boots with her Wilko polo shirt. She dislikes very feminine garments, except on special occasions, very much like her supervisor Liz.

Brett, 24, is a chubby guy who gets along well with Steven, since they play video games together sometimes. He's friendly enough but is not too talkative with people he doesn't really know. He is 5'8" tall, has dark hair in a style that some would call an 'emo' style. He also has heavy stubble on his neck and face. Brett is into heavy metal music, has several related tattoos on his wrists and arms. With his Wilko polo shirt he wears black cargo pants and well-worn black sneakers.

Laila, 21, is a Lebanese-born Arab girl whose family moved to England five years ago. An attractive girl with long black hair that she wears in a ponytail for work. She is 5'6" tall and has a nice figure, including C-cup breasts and a shapely backside. She has a piercing in the left side of her nose and several piercings in her ears. Laila likes wearing some make-up, whether at work or not and is very sociable, getting along well with her co-workers at Wilko. At work she wears a pair of polyester black slacks, a pair of black plimsolls and the red company polo shirt. Laila is single.

Andre, 23, is a black employee whose family is orginally from Jamaica. 6'1" tall, he has his dark hair in a fade style and he has an athletic physique. He's friendly, polite and very approachable, and he only has a slight Jamaican accent due to the fact that his family have been in England for the past five years. His work outfit consists of his company red polo shirt, a pair of black trousers with a belt, dark socks and a pair of black sneakers. Andre has an attractive black girlfriend called Michelle, 25, who works as a hair stylist at her own small business in town.

Liam, 16, is the youngest of the new employees, and certainly the most work-averse. Not too tall for a guy at 5'8", he dresses in black jeans or cargo trousers, black socks and a pair of cumbersome boots (alongside his company polo shirt). He wears his dirty brown hair in a shaggy ponytail and he is average looking, not having much of a physique. His attitude towards work and his co-workers pretty much matches his looks, and unsurprisingly he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Beautylicious Employees

Carly, 29, Andrea's daughter, she has short, asymmetrical blonde hair and is engaged to to her long-term boyfriend Simon, who is a 5'11", muscular individual with a shaved head. Carly isn't a worker at the store but often drops by to see her mother. Very attractive, even cute, she stands 5'2" tall and has impressive C-Cup breasts to go with her curvy figure. She's very careful to keep her body in shape and is a very polite, outgoing girl who likes to party. She is a beautician and she knows Steven personally, even some of his secrets, as do Andrea and Liz.

Zoe, 28, is Carly's best friend since childhood and also works as a beautician. She is tall for a woman, standing 5'10" and is stunning in appearance. Her D-cup breasts never go unoticed and neither do her curves. Zoe is definitely a party girl and as English as anyone could be. She doesn't know any of the Wilko employees very well, except for Carly's mother Andrea and Steven. Zoe is married to her husband Chris, 29, and they are trying to have their first child.

Kay, 27, another of Carly's friends who works at her salon. She is a woman of short stature, standing roughly 5'1" tall, her shoulder-length light brown hair, average looks and breasts into a small C-cup. She has a 'full figure' and a pleasant personality. Kay is a qualified beautician but not as skilful as either Carly or Zoe. She mainly handles booking and cancelling appointments and general housekeeping.
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